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Creating Logos and images

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I have a personal website I am working on - but everything I have tried to create a logo for it - just hasn't worked. I supposed it would be similar to creatng signatures. How do you do it?
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I use PhotoShop 7 for the siggys I make.
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I use both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.
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I used to be a Jasc Paint Shop Pro junkie... then I found Ulead PhotoImpact. Now I can't stand PSP!!!!
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I design all of the my logos in Adobe Illustrator.
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I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Corel Draw 12.
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I made my new siggy with Photoshop 7... what do ya think?
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Thanks everyone - I am trying to make a logo - and I am trying a version of photo shop that came with my printer - it seems to be working wel - I guess I am not as artistic as I had hoped!

CJandBilly: Sig looks great!
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What kind of logo? Maybe I can help?
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I am using JSAC Paint Shop Pro 8 (Try before you buy) is this the same software that you guys are referring to? (Except the try part) I want a logo for my website that is "antiquie" My visions are something with an antique looking golden A and P. The logo would be only the text - anyThe attached imaged is my first shot. I am not asking anyone to do it for me, but suggestions on how to do it would be wonderful!
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That'll work, but what you need to do is go and find you a font in the style you want. I've found this site:

to be very helpful for stuff like that. Unfortunately it's not organized according to font style (serif, sans-serif, cursive, etc.,) so you'll just have to browse to find what you want, but you can't argue with the price!
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Wow, great site! And one of my fav words associated with it: FREE

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You like one of these?

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Very nice! Thanks!
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How about this. You said you wanted text and you wanted it to look sort of Antique gold. So, I did this in Photoshop using the Eye Candie filter, which you can also use in Paint Shop Pro, but you have to buy Eye Candy. It doesn't come free. Also, you can make the background invisibile with this image, by saving it as a Transparent gif, and using the background colour as the colour to be transparent.

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Ooo, I like that one too! You guys are good!
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I tried it with a black background and it loves beautiful with a black background.
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Feel free to use either of mine if you want to. They are yours.
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You're free to use the one I created as well, or if you create something you like better, I can help you get it in Gold.
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Just thinking.. it would be neat if you could make the 'P' look like a parrot somehow. Like if the smaller loop was his beak and the bigger one was his wing.

I'd try to do it but I don't have any neat programs like photoshop.
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