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Kitten vs. Heating duct

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My two month old kitten went in the heating duct and i have no idea how to get her out, the heating ducts are big enough to manuever around in so she can't get stuck. I have open all the vents and put food out for her, figuring that she will come out enventually if she can find her way out. Does anyone know of another way to get her out of there. I'm worried about the poor thing, she's my sweetheart. Please Help Me.
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Can you call the heating and air conditioning man and have him come and get her out? Other than that, be sure her food is close enough to the vent that she has to leave the vent to come and eat. If you have some of her old litter, try sprinkling that on the floor- leaving a sort of scent trail. She is awfully small, be sure she is eating and drinking. You must not have had her a long time and perhaps she just got scared or over-stimulated.
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Awww poor baby. Keep us posted
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I did just get the kitten last night and she is a little wild. I have been feeding her little peices of meat and she comes to get it so i see her, she is so fast that i can't catch her. I even tried using tongs. I opened a can of tuna and put next to the vent. Like i said it's a two foot drop so i'm worried that she won't be able to get out even if she wanted too. And I beleive she's been in the same spot all day. It's been 24 hours since she's been down there. Tomorrow I will call the heating and air conditioning man and ask him what i should do. As far as the kitty litter, she's not even litter trained yet.
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Can you make the entrance to the vent "kitty friendly?" Put in a small cat bed, and take a cloth and drape it over the entrance to make it dark. Go in and sit down near the vent every day and talk quietly to the kitty and spread yummy treats on the ground below? I hope the vent man helps you out with this. Feral kitties do this quite often. I had one living up in our rafters for over a year, and another one under our heater for two months. Don't get stressed out, she will not respond to you if you are stressed. Keep the lights in the room dim, talk softly to her and lay on the floor on your back to see if she will come out to you on her own. Make yourself less of a threat to her- put yourself on her level, and see what happens.
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I will defineatly try that. Thank you! I will keep you posted on what happens in the near future.
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I do need someones opinion on this. Someone at work told me to take ammonia and spray it down all heating ducts except one and that will get her out. She is only two months old. Won't that hurt her?
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I would not do that. Alot of chemicals are bad for a cat. You wouldn't want something to go worng and him not make it out. If somethings wrong you can't get to him that would be awful. Keep us posted. Have you tried the heating company?
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Aw definitly don't do that! Did you ring the AC man?
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I had never planned on spraying it anyways, i hate dealing with chemicals myself. BUT I BRING GREAT NEWS!!!!!! I finally got my little baby out. Had to tear down part of my wall but I don't care. I'm happy that she is back in my arms. Although when I pulled her up she was fat, I haven't fed her much so i don't know how she could have gotten so fat. and she didn't have water when she was down there. She looks like she' about to pop with kittens. If anyone has any ideas on this let me know.
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Superb news!!! No idea about why she is fat - there is no Tom in there is there? <g>
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My Baby Jasmine is doing awesome. she's eating and drinking and playing like crazy. She loves to follow my little son around and play with him althought my son isn't so sure about it yet The only problem I"m having with her right now is her eyes, i've been putting penicillin in her eyes and she is doing much better. Thank you everyone for helping me through this. If it weren't for you I would of never got her out
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