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hey everyone! warning long post ;)

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Long time no see! I really hope you and your families and babies are doing well.

Me and my cousin are on a business venture at the moment, which unfortunatly means that I don't get to spend so much time on the net hopefully in the coming months that will change and I'll be back here, but while I have a rare moment to myself I thought I'd pop on and say hello and update you all.

Well Indie and Minx are doing great! They are coming up for a year old (will give you individual updates in a sec) they are now exploring the neighbourhood, we weaned them into the garden,then one by one gritted teeth as they hopped over the fence(yes Ash is still over protective!)anyway here goes!


Indie has got a heavy lump! He went from mummys boy, to daddies boy, then changed his mind and became mummys boy and then daughters boy lol, now he isn't fussed! He started to milk tread though Minx as always done it, but with Indie his is more like an army march Indie still likes cuddles on his terms but is far happier hunting out spiders!
He's a bit of a shadow and follows you everywhere...if i'm in the bath he'll sit on the side or on the loo seat, if i'm in the shower he'll be at the other end of the bath playing with the water going down the plughole, if i'm using the loo he'll be at my feet, if i'm bending over the sink brushing my teeth he'll jump on my back! Just having got over a bug, and bending over the loo being sick Indie decided to jump on my back and lay down!

Indie still likes to rip the toilet roll to shreds, and that's usually what i find on getting up in the morning, he still eats anything in sight, cheese, chocolate biscuits, crisps..he even nicked kels pancakes and maple syrup off her plate! He as also bought me presents home, no not a bird, or a mouse...one day he bought me home a piece of rotten wood, the next day a tissue! I guess it's the thought that counts and is much more to my liking than the other options! He is more confident than his sister, and when they came to meet next doors cat who had a swipe at Minx he saw her off in no time, and did the same with another cat, who hadn't actually swiped at Minx, but came too close to his sister for his liking, so he's quite protective of her...he knows home and goes out and about, and being right by a park he runs and jumps around like a spring lamb so he is a happy soul.


Minky is still mummys girl, she only likes to be petted by me and shows amazing love and affection to me, she still milk treads twice a day on me, and nudges and headbutts and goes all silly...before she wants her treddies(as we call it) her face changes! it goes all puffed out and looks so cute. Minx doesn't spend so much time finding spiders, but whizzes round trying to catch moths, and cries so pathetically if she can't get them, she looks up and cries as if to say mum help I just can't do it lol.
Minx is more timid going out, sudden sounds get her running back for reassurance, but after being swiped by next doors cat the next time she did stand her ground, there is now a truce

Minx plays more than Indie, and after all the nice toys they have her favourite is the plasic tag you take off the plastic milk cartons we have in the uk (not sure if anywhere else has them) and also her her fluffy ball...you flick these and she goes to fetch, brings it back and drops it at your feet and god help Indie if he dares go near these two toys! she also brrrrmppps alot, whatever that sound means and is always talking, she still loves her grub and when dishing food up she wails like she's never been fed before!

So there we have it guys and girls...that's my update sorry for the long post...I will post some pics in fur pics in a sec...As alot of you know I got them at 3 weeks, and was in a right old panic so thought you may want to see how they are getting on, as if it wasn't for you guys here i doubt they would be as happy and healthy as they are, and I could never thank you all enough for helping me through it, and any new members out there, stick around these guys here are the best...all that leaves me to say is take care all, and I will be back as soon as business is up and running and Ash as some spare Ash time again...and just because I'm not here doesn't mean you aren't in my thoughts xxxxxxx
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Thanks for the update. Good luck with the business and good to know the kits are both doing well!
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Back sooner than I thought, I've been down with flu since I last posted been in bed for a few days and it's knocked me for six! Bed is driving me mad so decided to come on for a wee look at whats going on. I got a digicam finally too...will try it out on fur pics tomorrow on the thread I already made though...that's if the kitty's sit still long enough, Ash is in no state for energetic stuff
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Hello Ashleigh . Nice to see you posting again. The kitties sound lovely, I can't wait to see pictures of them. A pair of real characters you have on your hands there
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Hey, Ashleigh! What a delightful update on Indie & Minx! I'm sorry that you had the flu ...sending {{{ HEALING VIBES }}}
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