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Lost Voice!

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My cat Lucy is about 3 years old. A day or so ago, I noticed that when she tried to meow, her little voice sounded hoarse, or not there at all. The past couple of days, she has been sounding like she lost her voice.

She has always had a distinct "meow".

Other than her voice, she seems normal...

Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong with her? Ill probably take her to the vet, but was just wondering if anyone could relate or give me advice until Monday morning.

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She needs to be examined. It could be an infection, something caught in her throat (like a small bone) or a number of other things.
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Sakura always looses her voice if I go away for a couple of days because she meows and even screams when im away. Have you left her alone for a long period of time recently? Other than that i would have to agree with jennyranson, you should take her to the vet just to make sure theres nothing serious going on.
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