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ginger female cat

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i have a female ginger cat.
she is absolutely huge!
i've read the female ginger cats are rare, and some say they're not.

my gorgeous cat is abnormally big, she's not fat and she tends to respond to my whistle. it's not the normal 'come here'. she responds in a way that it's some sort of code. if i whistle at a high pitch, she lies next to me and falls asleep. she acts like shes dead. and other times she'll meow. it's really weird. she'll be walking away from me and i'll whistle and she can't resist it, and comes back. she goes crazy!

so does anyone know why? so how rare are ginger female cats and why does she react to different tones of whistle?

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They are not rare per se. I have one and she is also a polydactyl. They are a lot of fun-
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Statistically, there are more ginger (also called red) males than females, just guessing, I would say 3 to 1 or 75%. I, too, used to assume that all gingers were males until my sis-in-law had a stray cat which she adopted whose litter of 6 included 4 gingers --- 3 of them girls! So looking into it a bit found out it wasn't that unusual, at least not like a male calico.

As for the whistling, maybe she thinks you're a bird? Really, have no clue.
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She sounds like a wonderful cat. Could we see a pic?
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I read somewhere that 70% of orange (or ginger) cats are male. (Rosehawke, is it possible that you have owned too many cats? Your stats are right on!) So your girl isn't exactly rare, but she is very special!
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thanks for the posts guys. it's really helped. also i like to mention my ginger cat has never ever caught any birds. she is petrified of them! she has caught crickets, dragonfly's, worms and things but never a bird. i think she is very special. a one in a million cat.

she's also obsessed with my boyfriends. she loves men. she acts differently and everything towards them.

but the whistle thing i'm not sure. i dont think she thinks im a bird. its a lot stranger than that. i really cant figure it out. i'll try and get a picture. not sure how to post it. but i'll try.
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how do i post a picture? sorry, im new to this forum.

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She sounds like a lot of fun!
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You can try linking your photos with www.photobucket.com

One day I want to own a Red female (P or E of course)
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