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Wet-eyed kitten!

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I was on a service call a few days ago at a car dealer when I heard a loud MEOW coming from under my van. I looked and there she was (I think it's a "she"), a weak, shaggy, grungy little kitty cat. I figure its a few months old at best. I took her home, washed her off (she was LOADED with fleas) and wiped off her nose & eyes with a warm, damp cloth because she had a bunch of gooey wetness from the inside-corners of her eyes down to the bottom of her nose (it's not puss, and it's not snot). I went to a vet and got a tube of gel that is squirted directly into her eyes. So far and four days later, she still has weeping eyes, and I hate pressing that junk in her eyes to begin with. I'm no cat-pro or anything, so how can I get rid of all that mess around her eyes? Again, it's not puss, and her eyes look fine, she just looks like she's tearing like crazy. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
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Sounds like she may have a URI, in which case she will need antibotics, and the eye stuff to help get rid of it. Is the eye stuff, Teryamicin (sp?) ?
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Thanls, SCAMPER! Yes, it's Teryamicin I think. Do I need to take her to a vet for antibiotics or is that something I can buy? Also, and TOTALLY off the subject, how did you get that picture on your post? THANKS! I'll check back tomorrow.
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Actually techinaly you should have had to take her into the vet for the eye cream, its a precription cream last time i checked. But YES you will need to take her in. So they can weigh her and get her on the proper dose. than they can get you the medication, or you can order it from a pet supply website, they will fax the vet for the prescription though. I use 1800petmeds myself.

I got the pic in my sig by entering the codeing into it, by going to USER CP, signature.
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Take her back to the vet and ask them to check her for a URI. Then they will give her proper antibiotics.
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I agree. Even though terramycin is prescription only I don't hesitate to at least try it when kittens have bad eyes. But if it's going to work, it usually works right away. After 4 days, if there is no improvement then it is time to call the vet and make an appointment.
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Please do contact your Vet regarding this sweet kitty!
(Siggy info on the way, and I will be so happy to help you in any other way as you learns the ropes around our site! )
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Let us know what happens.

Are you keeping her?!
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Bless you for looking out for this little one!!

You rock!
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Thanks for all the info, fellow kitty-cat lovers! I can't wait to get her all fixed up! My wife's dying to hold her but I told her to keep off just in case there's anything infectous in that gooey stuff. I'm new at the catcare stuff. I have two other cats (one male, 7yrs old) and a female (3yrs old) that have never had any problems, so I just take them in for rabies shots, feed 'em, pet 'em, and treat 'em to Fancy Feast every once in a while. They've been pretty low-maintenance. Should I get the kitten her rabies shots and all that at the same time I get her checked out for the eye-problem? Also, how old does she have to be to get her fixed? I have a couple stray cats that come around every once in a while. They sniff all over the 3yr-old female, but leave dissapointed after seeing she's fixed. I don't want a bunch of strays snooping all over the newbie. And yes, I'm DEFINITELY keeping her! My two grown cats could use a little frisky kitty to liven up their lazy-days. Plus, she's such a nice kitten, and seeing her all abandoned and everything really went straight to the heart. I mean, if my mom abandoned me in some car-lot and left me to fend for myself, I'd LOVE whoever took me in, fed me, cleaned me up, etc. Heck, who knows, maybe the good Lord'll look down and reward me for having some compassion on the furry little kit! Thanks again for all your help, and help on the signature thing!
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GREAT! I finally got it to work. I was trying to use my website to host the signature. THANKS SIERRA! (BTW, this is not the kitten, but it looks just like her!)
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