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Neutered male spraying... will outdoor access help?

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I have two cats, one siamese (8 yrs old) and my "bratty white cat," Griswold (6 1/2 yrs old). Both cats have been basically indoor cats since they were kittens, and were neutered as soon as they were old enough. We have lived three other places, prior to my current house. My problem and concern involves Griswold.

Sometime after moving to my current house, I noticed there was urine (spray) on a window overlooking my driveway. I removed the cat shelf that was there, but after the wall was all scratched up because the cat(s) were still trying to climb up, I put it back up. I determined that Griswold was spraying, and I suspect it was because he could see and interact with a neighborhood cat outside. Soon the spraying moved to many other areas of the house. Once he even sprayed MY LEG while I was at the computer!! He never did this at previous homes. I used Feliway as religously as I could, but I travel off an on for work (always have, long before the spraying days). Because I have a privacy fence in my current yard, I often let the cats out. The siamese stays in the small yard and loves it. Griswold would climb the fence (always the problem child!), so he would be confined to the screened-in patio. I saw him spray in there several times.

One vet suggested that limited outdoor access - although she was traditionally against letting cats outside - might help Griswold. If he had the opportunity to spray the "outer" limits of the territory, he might not spray inside. I got most urine inside cleaned up, and started putting him outside more often. It "seems" that the problem has been reduced. I haven't found "new" urine markings recently. I can't be positive, but it seems to have gotten much better.

My dilemma... Soon I will be moving in with my fiance, and of course the cats come along. We have a dog together (the cats have mixed feelings, but they are dealing). He has another cat (the cats have met several times, and although not the best of friends, I can see that they will likely be OK with time). The house is brand new, and my fiance has zero tolerance for Griswold's spraying (his items were too often the target at my house). He has no problems at all with the siamese, but has said Griswold can not live in the house at all, and I'm trying to find some compromise. I want Grizzy to be an inside/outside cat, since the spraying seems to be ended now that he spends more time outside. That's not my first choice at all, but if it keeps him from spraying inside, I'll do it. If I can find evidence that this arrangement, in the new house, will likely work, hopefully my fiance will agree to it. Otherwise, I will probably try to find him a new home. I just can't force him to live outside all the time, but can't justify cancelling my wedding over the issue either!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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hmmmm, I am no expert, but honestly, i don't think limited acess outdoors will help, cats spray to establish territory, and yes, he may spray outdoors, but he may continue to do so indoors. is he neurtered? that may be part of the problem, but i belive ten percent of cats still neuter after surgery. it may be that outdoor cats are taunting him, so maybe deterring that somehow will help. if this is a new house, he may be still confused by all the new smells and trying to claim 'his' space. you may have to get a behavior specialist to see if something is triggtering this new behaviror. make sure you are using something to clean up the spray also, because if the scent is still there, the kitty will continue to spray. *sounds like his spraying you was a way for him to say you are his property, although we may not like the way it is told, haha. i know how frustrating this is though, my cat sprays, just got him fixed yesterday, so i will be keeping an eye on him, but he also loves to pee on towels, so i am working on that also.
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no outdoor access with probably not help. The more animals you expose this cat to, the more he will spray. You mentioned a vet so I assume you took him in for a UTI check and he came clean.

You need to elimnate all cat odor and urine from your home. You need a black light and a good enzyme cleaner in order to do so. If you go to www.meowhoo.com you will find everything you need within the proper categories. Once you shine a black light in your home and outside, I think you will be amazed at all the urine left.
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