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Good evening to all

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This is my first time here. I have two new rescue feral cats, I've had them 1 week tomorrow, and i've had them in a crate. I'be een able to pet both of them, and my daughter has picked on up and she will be held. She seems comfortable in her arms..(my daughter is 21), but then the next time she puts her hand in the crate the cat may hiss. She isn't happy in the crate, and really doesn't seem to eat. The other one likes to play with the toys and LOVES to eat. Both cats are going to be barn cats. This is where they are staying. How long should I keep them in the crate? any and all suggestions would be great. They both have toys, and litter boxes, (which the use), scratching posts, and beds. The one that doesnt eat doesn't seem interested in anything, not even catnip. How can I make her life happier?
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Welcome to TCS That's wonderful that you have taken these kitties in.
I have rescued 16 all together, they have all been spayed, nutered, tested for felv,had shots and wormed, treated for fleas, I have 3 that I kept including a mommy cat named sissy, and I also have her 5 female babies, I just finished with them at the vet, I have a home for 2 of them that will be leaving here the first of the week, I am not all that experinced but I brought the ones I was keeping in the house in a small quite room, and just let them get used to the surroundings,they probably don't like the carriers or being confined, if they aren't wild and crazy is what I mean, I have 2 males and 1 female that I kept and they have ajusted just great. The babies were about 2 1/2 mos old when I finally caught them and mommy it took me almost a year to get her, all of the ones I caught were from the same group, they were in a busy shopping center parking lot, so I could not just fix them and take them back, I am hoping to find homes for the other 3 babies they are sweethearts, I wish I could keep them all, but I already have 5 cats in the house plus the kittens till they are gone, it just takes time for them to trust you but so rewarding when they do, hope it all works out for you, I'm sure someone with more experince will come along to help
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I agree with halfpint. A temporary enclosed area where they can adjust to their new home and where they can move about is better than confined in a crate.
When QT was new, I kept her in her crate for a week. During that time, I was building a small cattery and I would take her out for walks in the garden twice or three times a day. When the cattery was finished she was moved and stayed there for a few days, but by then, she was used to the place. The cattery and the crate are now empty and unused
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As my new girls are going to live in the barn, i've had them in an area where they can see the horses, and get used to the smells. It's been a week today. the adoption group I got them from said that they had to stay in the crates.(they are very big crates) for a minimun of 7-10 days, but that they prefered 14 days. I'm putting their new beds and hidaways in the crates today as I'm hoping to let them out tomorrow or the next day. I just don't want them to run away and not come back. they both were captured from the shopping area where their familes were. they are used to being out and running around on their own. I spend time with them, but one of them doesn't seem to be eating. I only find something in the litter box every couple of days. I'm sure she is just very depressed from being crated. Both, of course, have been spayed, and given all their shots. the eyes are clean, and no other type of discharge from anywhere. I've tried dried food, gournet moist, canned, catnip mixed in. she may take a bite or two, but then she tried to bury it. any thoughts to make it easier? or should I just let her out and hope for the best?
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It's kind of hard to say what they will do, I think it depends on how afraid they are how long they have been without human contact, How old they are, there's alot of things to be considered, I assume you cannot close them them in the barn can you? I also would get an old piece of clothing for each that either you or your daughter have worn, rub it all over you then give them each one, It's so hard to do alot when you don't have a space that they can move around in other then a crate. Do you live away from busy highways? I wish I could be more help. Mine were so used to me feeding them in that parking lot for many months everyday, at least they trusted me in that respect, that they could count on me for food and just talking to them everyday, I do hope that they will be ok. hopefully hissy will see your post she is wonderful with information on ferals,, Once again Good luck
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I can't close the up in tha barn because the horses come in and out during the day for the fans and shade. I did let one of them out today, (opened both doors, but the one that is depressed didn't try to get out) the other one came out and played around in the tack room, then went into the other crate, said hi, and came back out to play somemore. When I wanted her to go back into the crate, i put her dinner in the crate and she went back in, no problem. I don't leave near a busy highway, just a back road. there is a lot of underbrush for them to hunt in around the property. I just want to make sure that they know this is their home, and they can go out and play, but to come home when it's time to eat.
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Yeah, I waited about 10 days and started letting my new two feral girls out. One explored everything in the tack room, the other one didn't want to come out. I put them back in when I wasn't there, and just 2 days later, I decided that they needed to be out and exploring on their own. Well, one went out first, and I didn't see her again for about 24 hrs. the 2nd one went out the next day and again disappeared. that same evening, the first one came back and has been back since. the day after that the 2nd one came back. I guess they just wanted to explore things. Now they come when called, (to eat of course), but they both love to be petted, and have now discovered their ability to purr. I know this is long, but I'm so happy that they have decided to stay and live in the barn. The more jumpy of the two has decided that she is the alpha, and every time I go to pet the other one, she runs up and swats the other one, the looks and me and meows. If i don't pet her, she will stand up on her back legs and try to reach my hands. Is this normal. any advice to help them like each other, or is that too much to hope for?
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I am so glad things have worked out - I htink it sounds as if they are just trying to establish dominance over their ownership of you, and once they both realise that they will both get love and attention, and that the food isn't going to disappear one day, they will be fine.
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