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Is My Little Girl Gettin Fat?

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Look at this silly belly & tell me what you think..
Just goes to show that she is such a spoiled little girl!

Mini told me to tell you that because she is so sleek, her belly tends to show. She says Tucker has a big belly, but you can't see it cuz he's so hairy..she insists that it only shows when she is laying down..the hard floor..kinda pushes the belly out...yeah, that's it!
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has she bin speyed if not she cude be preg! and i wud get her checte out by the vet asap!
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She's perfect, skinny or a bit plump...just the way she was made , I love kitties with a bit of a belly though!....they are so cute
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I'd like to see a top view. Some cats are slender if seen from above, but looked at from the side, they look fat. Buffy's going to look that way, I just know it. She's really thin, but she's got a lower, kinda saggy belly (and she's only 2!). It's just the way she was made.
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I just looked at your web pages and boy, do Tucker and Mini look alike! All three are just precious!
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Hard to say. She does look a bit, er, "plump" . Can you feel her ribs at all? Rule of thumb I've always heard is to be able to feel ribs, but not see them, which I assume means a very light layer of flesh over the pet's ribs.
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I would say that your beautiful girl might be slightly Rubenesque.
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she is not fat! she is beeyooteeful! shenandoah an humble
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Mini has been watching this thread very carefully...she is very angry with Mom for being silly at her expense! She wants to thank everyone for their kind replies-she likes that word "rubenesque"..
She insisted I post a more flattering picture that has a rubenesque kind of look to it.

She does look so much like Tucker that when I got her, the only name that fit was Mini. A mini version of Tucker!
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She is very pretty...not fat!! My Ally could be your Mini's twin sister and with the "healthy" belly to match When my family says Ally is getting a bit plump...I simply tell them she is full-figured
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shes a cutie remind me of my Jellie
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I like her either way!!

(Psst..she's a lot thinner than mystik)

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I think she is lovely just the way she is!!
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She looks great! Oscar's getting a little "plump" as well, so I know how that is!

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She is beautiful and looks just purrfect to me.
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