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How did you chose your cats name?

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Thought it may be fun to find out what motivates us when naming our cats....

My big guy is named Doc ( After Doc Holliday because Tombstone is one of my hubby's favorite movies )
The little guy, Samich is so named, because, well he looks like he needs a samich....

PS, I accidently posted this in the fur pictures page...sorry! (duh)
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Calamity Jane was named because she was such a bully to her siblings.

Wild Bill was named because I wanted to stay with the western theme (I was able to keep him AFTER CJ) and Billy was really cute.

Annie Oakley was named also because I wanted to stick with the western theme, and she really looked like an "Annie."

Belle Starr was named, also to keep the western theme, but at first (When I didn't know I was able to keep her) we named her Elmirah, or Mirah, after the cartoon character, because she is chubby, and loves attention... just like the cartoon character. Well, when it came time she was going to be a permanent member of the family, we wanted to name her something with a western theme. We found the name "Belle Starr," who's actual name in real life was Myra, it fit like a puzzle.

Biffy, my outside kitty, was named Bif. I named him Bif because he came up one day, skinny and starving. So, I gave him some cat food, and pet him once, and he was my Best Friend. Best friend turned to BF and BF turned to Bif. Biffy!

All of them are named after actual western stars, except Biffy.
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My Leo got his name as a tribute to my zodiac sign, first and foremost. After moving out of my parents' house and having no other people to live with and care for, I decided that I would start a little family of my own by adopting a kitty. Myfriends announced that they would, in honor of my birthday, pay for his adoption fee and supplies. So I contemplated getting a male named Leo. When I met the kitty that would become Leo, he was so big and stately and regal, that it seemed only fitting to give him a famous lion's name. Just no one tell him that he's not actually the king of the jungle, because I think that's what he believes

As for Lola, well, I wanted to either name my new girl after a feminist, a girl band, or a name close to me that starts with 'L'. I threw around names like Rilo, Tilly and Sleater-Kitty, in addition to names like Gloria and Harriet...but after meeting my girl, I was inspired to name her after a character in a feminist theatre production I had recently seen...'Lola in Slacks'. And thus, Lola got her name.
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My first Kitty was named Amber...I named her when I was 6 so I really have no Idea! I just remember I did name her!

My newest kittens....Well Lombardi was my husband's choice he is the biggest green bay packer fan!

Jaiden...I just loved the name Jada...but my husband is like thats too much like Jada - Will Smith's Wife so I compromised and went with Jaden...but I added the 'I' for something different...who cares about that I guess!

So no really intresting ways to name here!
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Ginger because she has the color and my son loves my Ginger Crunch slices I bake.
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Dushka- 'little female spirit' in Bosnian because she fought so hard to live as a very sick kitten

Ellie - my friend Helen was visiting when I got her and it is a diminutive of her name

Persil - when I found her she was covered in oil and grease and I had to bathe her every night for a week. So 'Persil washes whiter'. Her name also means 'parsley' in French, which is a nice name for a cat, and that is where we will all live eventually.
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barnaby already had his name (rescue cat)
ronnie and reggie,after the kra twins,as they where not very well behaved when they where little
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Dax is named after a character in Star Trek. The character is a bit complicated to describe, but we thought it was approporiate since it had lived previous lives as both men and women - When we got Dax we were not 100% sure of her gender(she looked a little boyish in the back end ), so we thought that was a good name!!
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I just kind of named mine normally. I really wanted a male, orange cat, and I found him at the shelter! We couldnt adopt him right away, my mom had to fill out forms, but he was reserved for us. So I sat and tried to think of some boy names I liked (I like weird names) and I thought of Sebastion, Gryphon, Charlie, and Elliot. Well two of those names gave me a vague picture of the color red, Sebastion and Elliot, but Sebastion just didnt work right for me so I chose elliot, and really it is the perfect name for him (He has a middle name too, Elliot Murphy (they called him murphy at the shelter because he does this "mrrrrph?" thing.)

Aerowyn now..... When it was my birthday in june my mom asked me what I wanted and I told her I would like to go shopping (love to shop) and just spend the day there. I looked inside the build-a-bear toy shop( make your own stuffed animal) and I thought "You know, I have never had one of these, yet I have wanted one since I was young... I think I'll buy one) So I spent $50 bucks for the stuffed animal (a big, red cat) a shirt, pants, underpants!, shoes, and a hat. There was this naming thing where you could have a "birth certificate" and I thought about it and named him Arwen. (no clue where the name came from) so two months later when Jazz (ari's mum) had her kittens, I named them. There was Lilo and stitch (Looked like he was stitched together cuz of his patches, and lilo just went with it) Mia, and I couldnt think of a name for the cute little black baby with the two white spots! But one day in school I was sitting staring at the teacher (and not seeing) and it was like "BOOM" Aerowyn. O_O I didnt realize until later that I had given her a kind of feminine name that my build a bear had but eh. Aerowyn is a real name too. A kind of Elfin name thingy. Hm... Ari doesnt have a middle name :O
thats ok, her first name is hard enough anyways
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Buster & Ashley are my 2 adult Persians...brother & sister. I named Buster "Buster" because he was always so much bigger than his sister & he looks like a real bruiser yet he is really such a little momma's-boy My son named Ashley because it is simply a sweet little girl's name & she is pure sugar.

Bob & Allie are 5-month old kittens that I bottled-raised from a feral colony & kept. Simply...Bob is short for Bob-cat and Ally is short for Ally-cat.

For whatever reason, we also wanted to keep the "A" & "B" letters for both pairs of brother & sister.
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When I got Lovey, he had been through about 3 homes at least and had been a stray for some part of the time between those homes..either lost or trying to get back to a previous home??(some of his background is sketchy)....
He came with the name "Puffy" ( I presume because he is a long hair puffy cat ?)
I hated it but wanted to stay with the same kind of sounding name..

Lovey or "love" is a common term of endearment for me (my fam are all brits) so it worked.

Rocky was named after "Rocky Raccoon" in the Beatles song as he has a great big old ringed raccoon tail..Also, he weighed about 5 lbs less and was a scrawny little fighter (like in the movies) so it fit ...My daughter had the choice to name him and I suggested it and she liked it..It was either that or Max. But we like Rocky better..
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Nothing special really, Max and Alfie just seemed to suit them! I went through a huge list of names, and searched for months trying to think of something that would mean something, but in the end they just 'looked' right!
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I had a cat that I lost just a couple of years ago to ARF, but the story behind her name of Roxy was that I was young (late 20's), and I had my eye on a sports car (IROC Z), but my wallet didn't have the same plan as I did, so I went to the local shelter (the same day I test drove this car), and adoped a cute tortie kitten, and named her Roxy, after that car that I wanted so bad..She had a great life, and lived to be 14 yrs old ...I still miss her so greatly..
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Oscar came with the adopted name JR. That didn't really fit and I couldn't find a name until my family came to visit and he was so grouchy to them because they invaded his home. I thought what a grouch you are.....then came Oscar (the grouch) from Sesame Street. That's how he got his name.
AbbyGale I immediately named her that because she is just a totally precious little girl.
Rocky was named because he is a fighter. He came from the vet after a week and a half on fluids, emaciated, etc. He was such a fighter and Rocky fit. My little champ.
GiGi was actually named Sunshine. She is a HUGE orange cat. Big ole fat girl. I thought she was a Girl Garfield. Thus, GiGi.
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Guinness because he is jet black with a tiny patch of white hair under his chin (about 6 strands). He just reminds me of a baby pint of Guinness...especially when he sits like a statue all upright and that!
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My best named cats are the ones who just kind of name themselves. You know, when you look at the cat and just automatically know what his name should be. The ones I have to think about for a long time never really seem to "fit".
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All of our previous white cats (3) had names starting with "A" - Aloysius, Alouette, and Ariel. So Mom and I brainstormed "A" names while driving home with Aristotle.

Jasper is a gemstone/rock. Natural for this rockhound. His sister was Jade.
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I was going to name him Patience because I waited for him for so long--4 years w/o a pet and then 5 months waiting for him to be adoptable. When I went and saw him for the first time, I held him in my hands and he stared up at me for the longest time. I fell so madly in love with him that my heart ached, so I named him Cupid.
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They're both from Lord of the Rings:
'For here alone in the world was found Moria-silver, or true-silver as some have called it: mithril is the Elvish name. The Dwarves have a name which they do not tell. Its worth was ten times that of gold, and now it is beyond price... Mithril! All folk desired it. It could be beaten like copper and polished like glass; and the Dwarves could make of it a metal, light and yet harder than tempered steel. Its beauty was like to that of common silver, but the beauty of mithril did not tarnish or grow dim. The Elves dearly loved it, and among many uses they made of it ithildin, starmoon, which you saw upon the doors. Bilbo has a corslet of mithril-rings that Thorin gave him.'

–JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings II:IV
"...and the sword of Elendil filled Orcs and Men with fear, for it shone with the light of the sun and of the moon, and it was named Narsil."

Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age
in The Silmarillion
Mithril is the blue (or silver as some would call it,) and Narsil is the brown.
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I don't really know why Dexter & Sadie's names came to me but I love to say them outloud.
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Spaz well, she's a spaz.
Shadow, follows my fiance' everywhere, literally his shadow.
Trouble, only lives up to his name at the vet's office.
Vash, our favorite anime character Vash the Stampede, so disasterous, insurance companies have their own Vash clause.
Cassi, was Casseopiea when we got her, too much of a mouthful.
Ivory, well, she's pointed cat, and at nearly 6months, it looks as though she's going to stay an ivory-cream color.
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My cats names are Finn and Darci. We have a tradition of Irish names so I picked Darci because she is black and that means dark in celtic and Finn (short for Finnegan)is a beigh brown and black striped kitty so I named him Finn )which means light - just cause I liked it!
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Well.... Missy is really short for Miss Mischief. I SHOULD have called her Miss Priss, as she turned from being Miss Mischief, into Miss Priss! Photo below!

--Then I got Spikey and I named him that, because DH wanted to name him ELVIS!!! (and I did NOT want to name him Elvis!) Photo below!

--and then, my Katydid--well, she jumps around sideways all the time, like one of those Katydid bugs--and is always jumping sideways down the hall like a Halloween kitty!
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Ok...yeah, That "Cupid"...he's a BEAUTIFUL cat! Great name too.......
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We named Jinxie Cat off of the Jinxie Cat in Meet the Parents. Once again, me and my sister had hardly any say in naming him, just like we didn't have much say naming Romeo and Emily... but I mostly call him Jinxie or Jinx for short, so it's not all bad. I've actually grown on it.
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Faile is named for a character in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I liked the name and that character, a woman on her own, a hunter.

Molly is named for my good friend Molly, who thought it would be a great name for her.
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Arlyn ~ I just love that your one kitty is called Vash! I nearly spewed my drink all over the place.

Dexter and DeeDee: A cartoon called Dexter's Lab (and DeeDee was so so curious that it just suited...maybe not quite as destructive tho lol)
Squid: His whiskers were the biggest thing about him when he was little and positively quivered whenever he was playful or being naughty.
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My mom named Katie. I had a name I thought was very pretty, it was Ayla; but as soon as I heard the name Katie I wanted to keep it.
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Chuchu was named so cuz when i got him he was sooooooooooo cute...i had to give him a cute mushy name...all i could think were names like janu,
babe-o etc. My mother tongue is Gujrati which is an indian language n all these names are given to someone lovely n cute n adorable n so i finally chose chuchu
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We named Gizmo after the gremlin. We found her at 5 weeks old. So she still had the long kitten fluff. She had fleas something AWFUL, and I was trying to pick them off her, but they kept getting tangled in her fluff. So I took the scissors to her and cut all her hair *gasp!* so I coudl reach the fleas. This was Saturday evening, and we couldn't get to the vet until Monday morning. then we gave her a bath with just plain water to rinse the flea dirt off. So there she was, her hair cut short, wet, with just her fluffy little head showing from the top of the towel. She she was meowing! My DH said she looked like a gremlin, so we named her Gizmo. And she's lived up to her name, and acts like a little gremlin, too!
Sasha is a pretty, feminine, little girl. Very small compared to Gizmo. So I wanted a pretty name to go with her. Sasha is what I came up with!
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