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I'm disowning my sister!!!

The other day her and her fiance were moving into their new home (which at the moment had no air conditioning) so while leaving I noticed that Justin (her fiance) had grabbed Marty and took him over to the new house..(Incase you don't remember which one is marty he's the one that we think is a maine coon shown here next to Jack Daniels)

Well then..hours later I happened to notice..that both litter boxes were here at my house...............uhm.......where is he going to go potty at? Then I checked the cabinet and the :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: cat food was still here too!!!!!! So then my sister had come back to my house..and my mom came home too. I went to my mom and said "Mom..Marty is over there in that hot house..with no food..no litter box..and I'm SURE they weren't smart enough to even put down water for him!!" My mom asked my sister is she was going to bring him back to this house and my sister had said "Yes." Well then I went into town with my mom and dad..and it was then starting to get dark when we came back home just to see that Marty was STILL not here!!!!!! So then I had said "Ya know what if I could drive I'd be going over there and getting him!!!" Because even my sister wasn't at the house she was off in town somewhere with Justin!!!!!!! Finally we convinced my dad to let me go get him so he drove me over there and sure enough they didn't set down any water for him!! When I got into the van with Marty he was sooooooooo scared!!! He was shaking so much!! After that Marty was like obsessed with me when he stayed over here for two days more. He kept rubbing against my legs and loving on me! He would've slept with me too but Jack Daniels didn't allow that I just can't believe how :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: STUPID my sister is!!!!! Grrr I am so not related to her!!
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Poor Marty! It's good he has a loving Auntie like you to make sure he is taken care of!
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I second that!, you'll have to keep an eye out for Marty!
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Thank goodness you were look out for Marty!! He is sooo adorable!! It's really something how 2 sisters can be so different; your mom & dad must be really pleased that you have foresight & gumption. I'm so glad that your dad drove you to get Marty; poor baby! I guess your sis is just a little more focused on Justin, that she didn't take the time to stop & properly consider her cat...I hope that you can drive soon - you will be putting your driving skills to good use! Stormy is right, you are a good Auntie!!
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I wish I could keep those two cats here with me but nooooooooooo nobody will allow it!! I just know they are not being taken care of properly
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AAAAAAAAARGH I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! I'm definitly not related to this person I don't know who she is!!

The cats have been over at the new house since Wednsday and they do have a litter box over there. Well..I just checked in the cabinet to get me something to eat when I look down I SAW THE :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: CATFOOD THERE!!!!!!!! I know it's not Jack Daniels' food because he eats Purina and this was Iams!! Why the @#$% is my sister so @#$%ing stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! They better have bought new food for them cats to eat otherwise auntie is going to have a FIT!!!
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why would your parents let her have cats when they didnt give any water or cat food for martin, not only is your sister stupid but look at what she is living with.
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My parents have no say with it she is 20 years old.
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