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Just when you think you have heard it all

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I am still shaking my head over this one. This morning in class, I overheard a conversation between two ladies at another table close by.

"I don't know what to do, my cat is pregnant!'

"WHAT? I thought you never let her outside?"

"Oh I don't, but my boyfriend thinks it is funny to let her out because the Toms jump her!"

"Well, that is why she is pregnant, because he let the Toms jump her."

"But, he stands some distance away with a broom and he times it, and when it has been 4 minutes, he steps in with a broom and whacks them to get them apart! He said she shouldn't get pregnant in 4 minutes!"

WELL I GUESS HE WAS WRONG WASN'T HE? God help me, I wanted to strangle the woman! She doesn't believe in spaying and neutering, and believes her boyfriend knows what he is talking about. Sandie, have you got a room I can scream in please????????
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If it helps, I will scream with you. I will scream at the top of my lungs for the cats who get pregnant at 6 months old, have litters right after one another, cats who get pregnant because people think it would be cool to see kittens born, kittens who die because the people throw the cats outside to give birth, the kittens who die because they don't get medical attention and I want to scream for the people who treat animals as if they were objects and not living things!!
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I'll hold her down and you can hit her!
What an A$$ this woman is! Is it possible to be that stupid?
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She appears to be walking proof of that!
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Hey Hissy! Next time you see this woman, say "pardon me, but I couldn't help overhearing your conversation about your cat? If you don't want your cat to get pregnant, then after she has the litter, have her spayed! If you can't afford it, give her to someone who is more responsible and aware of the overcrowding of shelters, of cats being put down because of irresponsible owners, and of unwanted pets roaming streets looking for something to eat."
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You know, absolutely nothing is more frustrating to me than having to deal with "ignorant" people. I tend to believe the best of people - but time after time, I find myself shocked and appalled by the really stupid things people can say, do, believe etc...

But, I found that for me, it was wasted energy. You can't change 'em. So, I don't try anymore. It was a lesson in futility anyway, I always wound up spinning my wheels and it just wasn't worth the lousy end results.

So ... I chose to re-direct my efforts where they might be a bit more effective. I volunteered my time at the local shelter, I safe-housed cats who weren't placed before they were to be euthanized, and I positioned myself with people who could assist me with establishing low-cost, county-provided, veterinary services for low-income pet owners. I support feline rescue organizations with proceeds from the sales of my art. And yes, I still stand on an occasional soapbox and preach the gospel according to felines. *grin*

The bottom line is education. And that takes patience as well as tolerance. The side of my tongue has permanent teeth-mark scars from where I have had to bite it to prevent saying what I ~really~ meant - and I was not always nice about it either.

I am with you all on this one - the lady (and I use that term loosely if she would allow her boyfriend to treat her cats in that manner) obviously thinks more of the boyfriend than she does her cat.

Yours in peace,

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Just reading that has made me sick to my stomache. I don't know whether I want to vomit or cry.

I wonder how she would handle being straped down when she's fertile and have someone get her pregnant!!!
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Oh, but they'd only have 4 minutes, surely nothing can happen in 4 minutes. Got a stopwatch? lol Some people!
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Oh that's just awful. I wish I knew them, I'd show them my broom!

Poor kitty. And such a responsible pet owner...I can't imagine what she'll do with the mommy or the babies.
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The longer I live, the more I am not surprised that there are such idiots in the world. What I wouldn't give to beat both of them with a broom, and what ever else I could find!

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FOUR MINUTES?!?!? (Bubbles wishing she could find a - ahem - male cat - who lasted four minutes)
This is one of those things where you can mention it to the lady, but she will invariably become offended that you 1) listened to her conversation, and 2) that you think you know better than her boyfriend. There are some situations in which the stupidity is so ingrained on so many levels that you will just be wasting your breath and frustrating yourself.
But I have the broom urge too.
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I have to work with someone who is just as stupid...
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Yes, I agree Bubbles. These sort of people have a different view of pets and don't want to be told any different. I used to work with a girl that wanted to get a kitten to be an outside cat and did not want to get her spayed due to the expense. Besides, she wanted her daughter to watch kitties being born. She'd find homes for all the kittens. I tried my best to talk to her about low cost spays, or shelters that you can adopt a cat and the spay is included. She wanted a free kitten. I tried to put in perspective, asking her how she felt if she had to get pregnant and birth 4-6+ babies each time she couldn't fend off a big tom cat. But no, she had no room in her silly stupid head for all my nonsense. It just kills me.
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