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I was wondering . just how meny of u out thar ar wating for kittens? . I am im wating for my bindi to geve brthe to the kittens she is arond 5 weeks now so she is half way alog!

Oh! and bindi says Hi to!
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you no that bindi is preg so i like just notist a few days ago that it was herd for her to get confy. so i was wondering what can i do to mack her more confy!

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hey its jack the cat congradulations on bindi having babies!!!
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Try getting a cardboard box and put old comfortors or strips of sheets in there.
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kk thx!
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I think my cat has another week or 2 left...she already lost hair around her nipples and she finding it hard to get comfy....you can see and feel her babies moving also...so sweet
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I am waiting on our first planned litter, Jillian is due on the 18-20 of August. She had her first ultrasound confirming at least 4 babies, She will have another ultrasound on the 15th to make sure her delivery will be safe since the babies are quite large. Wish us luck! Kessjillian Cattery
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