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New Kitten

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First a Cheeto update. She had her surgery yesterday, and is doing ok. It turns out that she had a congenital defect and her bladder was attached to her stomach and she had a small hernia. There is still an abnormality in her urethra but the vet isn't sure if it will cause her problems or not. Just a wait and see kind of thing I guess.

Next, I have a new addition to the family today. In the paper this morning, there was BirmanXSiamese kittens in the paper, and I got one! He's adorable, but still nameless. He's a cream colour with black ears, legs, and tail, and blue eyes. I know it's not the best timing with Cheeto still in recovery, but I love Birmans and couldn't pass up the opportunity. They seem to be getting along ok and are playing. There's a small amount of hissing but not too bad. Pictures soon to come!
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I'm glad to hear Cheeto is doing well!
Congrats on the new addition! Can't wait to see pics!!
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Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone for Cheeto! The new little guy is named Bailey now, and I've been taking pics all day of them (not on a digital cam though) so I'll take them in and then scan them so everyone can see the kitties!
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Welcome Trish, Bailey and Cheeto So glad you joined us!
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Can't wait to see photos!
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Welcome to TCS! I'm glad Cheeto is doing ok and she is playing with Bailey! Looking forward to some pics!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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