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Help with new kittens

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I just adopted 2 kittens from the humane society. They are both about 9 weeks old and have been at the humane society since they were about 4-5 weeks. They were abonded byu there owner and left in a bag on the side of the road, I don't know how much time they really had with there mother. One of them is doing great; eating, using the litter box and playing. The other kitten will not use the litter box and hardly eats anything, she cries alot also. I think she cries just to be fussy though. When I adopted them they said they both had upper respitory infections and gave me medicine for them. I dont know what to do about the fussy kitten. She is very skinny but doesnt really eat. I bought wet kitten food and she will only eat about half a can all day. I figured she would pick up the litter box thing from the kitten but she hasnt used it at all. I tried putting her in it after she pees on the floor and stuff but she just wont use it. Anyone have a thought as to what to do?
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With time she will keep putting her in box and she get smell off herself and use it.
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Contact the Humane Society and ask them more about the fussy kitten. If she was in home fostered, you may be able to hear more about her behavior. Get a complete copy of her medical records while at the Humane Society and get her and those papers to a vet. Kittens that were separated from their mom very young often have health problems and Humane Societies have limited budgets.

The younger the kitten, the faster they "fade". Get a complete check up for her at your vet please!
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Yeah I did call them and they said she never cried like that. They only had the, for a few weeks and they keep them in those cages, I was just thinking that maybe she is just sick and doesnt feel good and isnt used to the new enviorment. All they have for medical records is a little chart that says it had an infection and its age and that stuff. Anyone know how much just a check up is? I don't really have alot of money, and I dont really want to have to send her back to the humane society. I don't have a specific vet or anything like that.
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I cant comment on how much a general checkup is as I am on the other side of the world - but best to get her in for the checkup before it gets worse and could cost more money. You may find its nothing much at all, and maybe that the upper respitory infection is taking alot out of her - best to get her in quickly and have a complete checkup - you may find that you can take both in for the one appointment. Give a local vet a call and have a chat

GOOD LUCK - keep us updated on the little gem
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I just adopted two kittens also and Bogey was smaller and weaker then his sister. He never does anything unless he sees Betty doing it first including using the litter box. evry time betty would go potty i put bogey in and every time he tried to step out I put him back until he went pee. The pooping took longer, lol.
The first few days I kept the two of them in the kitchen together with limited stuff. They had food, water, toys, the box, and a blankie. To encourage my little boy to eat the vet said to dip a corner of the blanket in water and let the kitty suck on it, the motion of sucking should make him hungry enough to eat food. Also the vet found my kitty was loaded with parasites. Both of my kittens are active now and with patience I'm sure your kittens will be to. Be creative! Good luck!
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Unfortunately one of the facts of cat ownership is that they always cost more than you think they will! This little one does need to see a vet as soon as possible, and in fact they both should. I do hope you manage it for everyone's sakes.
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Alright well thanks for the help, im going to try to make a vet appointment as soon as I can and see what they have to say.
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good luck, please keep our kitty community posted!
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