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I had to take that sebae clown and it's anemone back to the fish store they ended up getting WAY too big for my tank! They started out tiny but grew fast.
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Wow, your tank is beautiful! Is that a bali sea star?
That's a bummer when you have to return something. Does your aquarium store give you a partial refund or store credit when you return something? Ours is good about that. I got back $16 when I returned our $19 tiger cowrie, which was cool.

We added 2 more fish this weekend. We got another scooter blenny (they are so much fun!). This one is black and brown and we named him Benny (Benny the Blenny ).
We also bought a little yellow clown goby. I named him/her Rio (short for amarillo, which is Spanish for yellow). This is what Rio looks like:

He's adorable!
We are looking at adding 2 seahorses the week after next, when we get back from vacation! I cannot WAIT!
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Here's Dashboard (Dash).

Can't seem to keep her away.

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It's a freshwater with 3 sharks, 2 fire eels, 2 dojo loaches, 2 striped loaches, 1 yoyo loach, 5 hengali rasboras, and 4 chinese algae eaters. Overstocked, but getting a 55G soon. This is a 26G.
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The 3 sharks are 1 Bala Shark, 1 Rainbow Shark, and 1 Albino Rainbow Shark.
The 2 dojo's are 1 regular Dojo Loach and 1 Golden Dojo Loach.
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The fire eels are 10 inches, grows to be 32 inches in captivity. The regular dojo is 4 inches and the golden dojo is 7-8 inches.
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Wow, you've fit a lot into that 26G. Very cool! I think Dashboard gives it 2 paws way up, too .
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Here's the close-up...

And the eels...

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Wow, those eels are too neat! Do they have names?
I love your gravel bed!
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Sparky and Flame
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I also noticed that one is about an inch and a half bigger than the other. The 10+" one is Sparky, and the almost 9" one is Flame.
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They were less than 4 inches each when I got them 9 months ago.
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About the only bad thing, you only see them at night. They start coming out at around 9pm, and my timer on my aquarium turns my lights off at 9:30pm. 9:00 is the earliest I've seen them out, but usually once the lights go out, they come out. They even feed out of my hands. Fire eels ore pretty tame, and let you toucch them and feed them out of the hand. I can't quite touch them yet, but not much longer should be able to. Once they get used to the owner, they will love you to death.

PS. Fire eels really aren't true eels, but fish. Just for your info.
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Here's 2 close-ups...

And my Dojo Loach

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Here's my Bala Shark, name is Rhapsody. The name explains his actions.

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Looking forward to seeing more new pics of the additions to your salt water tank.....
Hope you like my fresh water pics.
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Some of the other fish are just too fast to get good pics of.
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Oh, just below Rhapsody you will see one of the 4 chinese algae eaters on the driftwood.
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Your tank is so neat! It's amazing the variety you can get with a freshwater tank! Have you ever kept catfish?
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I did have a pictus cat at one time but got rid of him because he nearly destroyed my tank.
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Here are pictures of the type of seahorse that we'll be adding in a few weeks. They're tank raised, h.reidi.
We'll probably add one black one

And at least one yellow one!

I'm actually looking forward to our vacation being over so that we can go ahead and add 'em!!
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