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hurt paw

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I dont know if this is in the right forum or not, so I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong place.

this morning my boyfriend and I were woke up by the most horrible scream I've heard from a cat followed by hissing and more screaming. Both my cats were under my bed, and my first reaction was 'oh no ziggys trying to have sex with leeloo' (ziggy is getting around that age and i have been dreading the day that he tries that with her because i know she will hiss at him and kill him) we tried spraying them with the bottle and the both ran out from under the bed, when we noticed i was dead wrong.

Leeloo has this delicate little collar (its actually this one, i copied the image from the website I bought it off of http://imageserv01.yss4.com/images/cache/14187.gif)
it is SUPPOSED to be break away!
well somehow when they were playing Ziggy managed to get his foot caught in the collar, it became so tangled it was wrapped around his toe several times (it had been HIM screaming and hissing, I have never ever heard him hiss before) and Leeloo was surprisingly calm (she is normally sort of a hot tempered cat) we noticed that it was chocking her, and it took both me and my boyfriend to hold the cats down while he tried to cut the collar off with sizzors... we finally got it off, Leeloo seemes ok, but Ziggy has been limping and I am worried. I tried pressing on his toe and he meow's a little but he doesnt scream and he is running around and jumping and stuff but he his holding up that one little paw while he does this and limping.

do i need to take him to the vet? could it be broken if he is running around with it? I want to take him, but my boyfriend who's had cats before says he is fine (and we both are very tight on money) and if we are squeesing the toe and he doesnt scream then its not broken... but even though he doesnt scream he still makes a noise then starts struggling to be let go of when we touch that part of his foot...

what a scary morning i've had... i just broke down crying wondering what if that happened when i wasn't here? leeloo could have been chocked to death... the collar said it was break away!! (maybe ziggy wasnt heavy or strong enough to break it?? hes still only 6lbs)
I'm getting them tattooed or microchipped or something... no more collars for my cats...
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Yes, both cats should go, not only could Siggy's leg be hurt but Leelo's throat could be bruised. I hate collars on cats and this is only one reason why. Microchipping is better, safer and much more permanent
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I've seen those collars, and the "necklaces" that are for sale, and while some of them are downright gorgeous, I had reservations about how safe they were.

Guess that answers that question!

My suspicion is that they're both fine, but they should be taken to the vet anyway for peace of mind if nothing else. Just ask up front how much the exam would be, let them know you're on a tight budget before they start dispensing medications or whatever.
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