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Are blue cats (dilutes) softer?

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Our blue boy Mithril has got the softest coat, it feels almost like rabbit fur it's so soft! Sunny has mentioned he hopes he keeps it into adulthood. I know we had a kitten in a moggie litter when I was a teenager at home that was "blue" and you could tell which one she was in the dark. My sis-in-law had the same thing happen with a pregnant cat that ended up on her doorstep, one of the kits was blue, and her coat is just so soft and plush.

Are they all like this?
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I'm tempted to agree. My sister has a dilute/blue-cream calico and her fur is soooo soft! I'm not sure if I ever notice that with the blues I've had in the past.
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I don't know about softer but Quki's fur is more angora like than my other cats.
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the vote says possible....ares is super soft and hes a blue and white....and we have a little one i am tempted to call blue from the moggie litter who is soft as soft can be
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i have a blue bengal, and his coat is the best feeling too! i think bengals normally have that sleek look. but man i love pettin river!! Lol shiny soft little coat!! i am guessing you talkin bout all blue cats in general so i just thought i'd add, lol.
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Lizbeth has a really soft plush coat. She's blue
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Yeah, I'm thinking it's some sort of genetic link between the blue coat and coat texture, but my understanding of genetics is very limited so I'll leave it at that. Maybe like some colors (calico, tortie) are sex-linked?
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The softest cat I have pet recently was my semi-feral girl Jill, who was an orange tiger cat. I don't know of any other especially soft gray/blue cats, although my rainbow bridge baby Zero was real soft and gray, but he was also the only long haired kitten in the litter, so I think it was due to the length of his fur!
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I had a kitty that was so black that sometimes he looked blue, so pretty. His fur was so soft and silky that it was more like hair and when it rained it went all frizzy.
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