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Every night when I sit to watch tv, Rascal climbs onto my chest, purring. He wants cuddling. So I flip him over and cradle him in my arms. Then, I begin to stroke his belly. He begins to purr and get really comfortable. Then in a few minutes, he is asleep. This cat can snore loudly. Do any of your cats snore?
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no - but Loki sometimes chirps away in his sleep
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Baby makes what we call 'pidgeon noises' when he sleeps too hard. Too cute! Rip however really snores.......
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Ha ha ha ha Alicai!! Don't worry...you are not alone!! My MAine Coon Ash snores REALLY load!! ha hah a ha... we have to turn the TV up to hear it!! (or wake him up!! ha ha)
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Jinxy makes lots of noises when he's awake, and snores like crazy all night. He is a Persian, so his nasal passages are small. I think it is the cutest thing!!! He wakes me up at night, he snores so loudly!!
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Jake is a BIG snorer - I also have to turn the TV up! I think it's sometimes the position they are sleeping in, too. I actually get a chuckle....
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Meanow SNORES so loud that he vibrates the floor! It's a snoring competition between by husband, the dog (yellow lab) and Meanow!! It's a mad house sometimes...:laughing: We were wondering if it was normal for cats to snore, especially Meanow because he is so big... He is snoring right now...
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