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I rescued a male cat who is now 1 yr..nuetered..about a month ago I rescued a 8 week old female kitten. the problem I am having is that one of them..I dont know which ..I think keeps sparying our bed!! I dont think they are actually peeeing because I can never see a circle like where they have gone. The smell is terrible! The question is..can a 14 week old female spray? or do you think it is my male? Help!..V
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Are you sure it's the bed? It sounds like you only notice the smell...you haven't found any wet spots. Spraying is done on a vertical surface, such as a wall, although I suppose it could be done on the side of a mattress. Look around some more and find out where the wet spots are. Females spray, but it's pretty unusual. Chances are it's the boy. Was he neutered before or after puberty, do you know? Sometimes the male's urine may retain some of its odor after neutering if they're sexually mature at the time. If it's strong, it's more likely the boy. Sorry I can't give a definitive answer.

Be sure to clean all spots....launder bedding and anyplace it's soaked in with enzymatic cat urine cleaner.
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It is actually not that unusual for female cats to spray. Even after they are spayed, in multi cat households, the females will mark their territory. But it sounds almost like the cats might have a UTI (urinary tract infection) Any idea which cat is doing this? Because if one cat does have a problem, it can get serious quite quickly.

There is a new cat litter on the market that changes color if your cat is ill. My suggestion to you would be to isolate these two in different rooms, use this cat litter and feed and see which one shows they are ill, then get that sick cat to the vet. Let me go and scare up the link-
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Here is the link-


I am getting ready to test this product soon. My vet was kind enough to offer subjects that are ill because my cats are all healthy

Good luck!
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Thanks for the info..I am just not sure which one it is.we never had this problem until Kitty # 2 came along..it is on the bed..the weird thing is that you cannot see anything..just smell it.. My new cat did have a uti and was treated..maybe it came back..I am going to check..I am trying several different things I have found on the forum..hope it works!! Thanks..I also may try the new can litter that tells when they are sick.
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