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cats butt 2

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I wrote before about butt troubles. I had her to vet before and her glands were not a problem. I think it maybe the food. I do feed her the best. She is on Wellness dry, but I give her a half of pouch of Whiskas, split twice a day with the dry. Do you think the pouch food could be the problem? Also her mother-maine-coone has no trouble at all and eats the same food.
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Well besides the glands was she check for worms, etc. ?
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Two things to consider, one is parasites, so you may want the vet to check a stool sample. The other is that not all cats tolerate the same things in food. You might want to try getting her off the whiskas for a few weeks to see if thats the problem. If not, it may lie with the Wellness. Yes, Wellness is an awsome food and all natural. However there are cases where a particular cat needs whatever the Wellness is missing or just the opposite.
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I wanted to tell you that I had her stool checked today and it was negative. So it must be the food. When she was younger I had her on Purina One and that seemed fine, but after awhile I couln't find it in the stores. So she went on Iams, and then Nutromax. Both didn't like it. So I put them on the wellness, now this mess. Am I better to put her back on Purina One, now that I CAN find it local now? Or do you think Science diet for sensitive stomachs???
Please help as I am confused as to what to do.
Thank you,
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Well, It's hard to say. Like I said, some people will tell you never to feed your animal "crap" food. Well, some animals can only tolerate certain things. Just my experience, my cats did okay on the Purina One but then I switched them to the SD and they tolerate it very well. I would say to try the SD before you go back to the Purina. Of course you would want to gradually mix it in. Give her at least 3 to 4 weeks on the SD to know for sure if she's going to tolerate it.
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We've had VERY good luck with the regular science diet.. we've tried almost all the others and for the "bang for the buck", you can't beat it..

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You might see if you can get a sample sized pack of both of them to try. I know I've seen little bags of SD at the local mom-and-pop pet store for a buck or 2, hold maybe 2 or 3 servings. There must be something similar from Purina, maybe a sample you can order from their website? If your vet carries pet supplies, the office might have a sample too. That way you could try a few different things without investing in a huge bag of something that you don't use.
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