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Bagearra...taken way too soon

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This is bagearra(Baby pic) when I first rescued him from the hay barn and from a stray tom cat that had just killed his brothers and sisters. His mother was a stray and I didnt even know they were in there until I walked in and saw the dead kittens and looked up and there was Bagearra in the loft with the tom above him ready to pounce! I screamed and grabbed him just in time...and of course brought him home with me He was a polydactyl like most of the strays there.
And the big boy picture was taken shortly before he passed on to RB. He died in my arms in the middle of the night while we waited for the emergency vet to arrive. He had a blocked bladder, which I didnt figure out until 3am. He showed no signs of distress or uncomfort when I went to bed at 11pm...it happened that fast. I will always feel so bad for him and what he must have gone through
Since then, all my cats have been on special food to prevent this from ever happening again. I just wish I could turn back time so I could have known to save him also. He's missed everyday so much.
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I am so sorry to hear that. Sometimes these things happen. I am glad you rescued him and gave him happiness for the time while he was alive.
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Oh, that's so sad! I'm so sorry! Bagearra was such a beautiful cat, and so lucky to have literally been rescued by you and given so much love while he was on this earth.

If it makes you feel any better, my cat George never shows the typical signs of having a UTI (has had it 3 times now, and luckily no blockage). He acts completely normal when he has one until it gets to the point he's peeing little spots of blood on the floor or in the tub. One vet made me feel awful for "letting it" get to that point, but there really weren't any symptoms until then... I'm sure Bagearra was the same way.

There's also some "treats" you can give your cats called No-FUS which helps prevent that from happening. Some cats like my Mingus (RIP) don't like them, though.

I wish good health to your other kitties! My thoughts are with you.

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I love that name, Bagearra! And he sure was a little cutie! I have lost two black kitties (Mattie and Baby Black) in the past year, and can definitely understand your pain. Condolences on the loss of your little panther!
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Condolences on your tragic loss! Bagearra surely looked like a mini-bagearra from [i]the Jungle Book[u] ! He looks alot like my cat Cinders. I am haunted by what you experienced that awful night - my first horse died of colic while I waited for the vet, too, and there is such a lingering, ripping pain when I remember how I felt then, so horrified, so desperate & so HELPLESS!! I was 15 when it happened, 33 years ago on Aug. 4, and I had a nightmare about it just the other nite, it was such an awful expericence for my dear, sweet, gentle horse. But I take comfort in the fact that they had us there to comfort them during their darkest moments; and they crossed RB knowing they were loved; now they smile down on us & say, "I'm okay now! I always love you & I look forward to the day when I come to meet you at the Bridge, and show you the way home!" Hugs, Susan
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I'm so sorry that you lost your sweet boy.
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I send hugs to you. I am so sorry!
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I am so touched with everyone's replies, and I do feel better after reading your experiences also! And my condolences to all your loses

Lainie, I will try the No-FUS treats! I was wondering where I can find them?
Thank you very much!
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Originally Posted by Salem Cat
Lainie, I will try the No-FUS treats! I was wondering where I can find them?
I get them at Petco, but I've seen them at other local pet stores. This is the bottle to look for: Feline Urinary Support. Mingus was a finicky cat, and I used to grind up one of these tablets and mix it in with his wet food. You could tell he knew something was different about it, but he ate his food anyway.

I don't know how long ago you lost Baguerra, but I hope you're starting to feel better now. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk to someone.

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Thank you Lainie for your help! I will look right away for NO-Fus treats!
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What a sweetheart he was! I'm very sorry for your loss.
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what a beauty, and thank god he had the chance to be in a real loving home. his life may have been short but very precious, always remember that. at least he got a chance to feel love and that is the most important part. LIfe, no matter how short, matters the most when you had a chance to feel love. and he got the chance to show you his gift of love to you, which will last forever. always remember that.
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