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Need advice on clipping nails

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Does anyone have any advice for clipping cat's nails? Everytime that I try to clip my kittens nails they try to run away and they scratch my arm so bad that it bleeds sometimes. I try to give them treats sometimes, but they don't get the idea to sit still so I can do it. Is there anything that I can do to make them relax and let me cut their nails and get it over with?
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Hello Spooky

I have a page about nail clipping on my site, if you go to the link below you can see a diagram & read how to clip claws.

One of the secrets is gaining your cats trust, letting them know that when you play with paws, it won't hurt. You could begin with just holding their paws etc...

Hope this helps

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Hi Spooky.

I remember from the New Cats forum that your babies are just kittens, right? Well, IMO, you're doing one thing right by getting them started early on the nail clipping routine. I started my 2-yr.-old as a kitten, and he tolerates it very well now. My 5-yr.-old wasn't initiated, and it's still a battle every time.

One trick I have used is to nab them when they are taking that long afternoon nap. Then they are groggy and a bit more willing. The other things I have tried is using treats. I also give up even if I have only clipped one claw if things start to go sour. I have read that cats don't like having anybody tocuh their paws to begin with, so the clipping is a ready-made challenge.

Don't give up though! I really believe that is they get used to it while they are kittens, you'll have it easier down the road. Let us know how it's going.
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Hi Spooky,
When we have to clip our kitties nails, there is only one we have a little problem with. What we do, if my daughter cannot hold him (comfortably, of course) then we have a pet bag, called Klaw Kontrol, where you can put your kitty in it and there head, tail and front arms poke out of holes through the bag, they are in this bag that will help them not to fight too much. We found it in a catalog that is purely for cats.
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I rub mt cat's paws every day so she gets use to it. I always grab her in calm mood so she dosn't scrach me.
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I'm finally at the point where it's no longer a problem though.

I tried to clip the kitties' nails when they were sleepy (definitely helped). Also, at first I wrapped them up in a big bath towel, keeping one paw wrapped in the towel and the other exposed (helped with squirming, scratching). I sit and place kitty on my lap (facing away from me, with kitty's back against my tummy), wrapped in the towel with one paw exposed; sort of cradle him with my arm, hold exposed paw, and clip with the other hand.

I also had better luck with the little scissor type clippers (instead of the guillotine type). I think it provides a better view of the nail (and less risk of clipping too much).

They're used to it now, so I no longer need the towel.
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I cheat and take Sophie to the vet they don't charge much; I call it her kitty pedicure :tounge2:
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