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Hello everyone! I need some help with some new sites.

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It's been ages since I last posted here - feels good to be typing into the TCS "Post New Thread" window again - no place like home

I need help with content for a couple of new sites and this seemed like the perfect place to ask for it.

Plastic Surgery - I am looking for personal stories by people who underwent plastic surgery or a similar cosmetic procedure (botox for example).

If you underwent a cosmetic surgery procedure, please share your story with me so I can publish it on the site. Your full name will be witheld of course. I will also never publish names of surgeons and/or surgeries.

Please include the following in your story - Your sex and age, type of procedure, cost of procedure, the reasons behind it and the results. Do personalize your story!

Work From Home Businesses

This site is very much under construction yet. I really enjoy working from home but I also am fully aware of what a huge challenge it is to build a work from home business. It's taken me 4 years to reach profitablity! I want to give other people a helping hand by creating a huge resource with work from home ideas and opportunities, as well as work from home tips and info. Please have a look at the site. I already have some work from home businesses listed, but I know there are tons of other options out there. If you can think of more idea, can you please either post to this thread, or email me - anne.moss@gmail.com. Also, if you can share your own home business success stories that would be great - I want to have a section on that site with motivational success stories by veterans.

Feedback on both sites is always welcome, on this thread or via email.

Big thanks to everyone in advance!
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When I tried the Plastic Surgery site, I got a Network problem and was unable to view that site.
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Hi Anne! It is always great to have you post here - I miss seeing you!

Great idea on the websites!! I haven't had any plastic or reconstructive surgery (yet) so I don't feel qualified to add anything there, but the home based business site is right up my alley! Here is what I do from home:

1) Notary Signing Agent/Closer - Real Estate Title and Escrow companies contract me to a) print the package of loan documents (including Note, Deed of Trust etc.) for their borrowers (who are either buying/selling a home, refinancing, or obtaining 23c Short-Term temporary financing), b) meet with their borrowers to witness and certify their signatures on those documents and c) return the package via overnight mail to the lender. Requirements: Knowledge of Real Estate Title and Loan documents, a current Notary Public commission, current Errors and Omissions insurance policy, a computer, a connection to the Internet with a valid email address, a printer, a ~good~ cell phone with a comprehensive service plan and a fax.

2) Digital Artist - I create digital art of Siamese cats, purchased a pre-made store-front from CafePress and sell my art printed on their products to interested people using Paypal as my payment processing agent.

3) Rental Agent - I manage 4 properties for both family- and non-family owned real estate. I collect rents, deposit them, pay all the bills, keep the books, act as liason between the renters and the owners, sub-contract labor when repairs or maintenance is necessary or scheduled. Found additional properties by contacting classified ads where the owner was advertising a house, condo or apartment for rent.

4) Bankruptcy Processor - Attorneys all over the country contract me to process the information contained within their client's bankruptcy application and disclosures. I receive this information via email attachment, locate pertinent data, enter it into a web form on a secure-log-in access site and when complete, submit the information to an application which outputs it to a printable file - the attorney pays my fee (again using either PayPal or direct deposit) and downloads the file, prints the documents, brings his client in to sign and then file. Requirements: Knowledge of both Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy documents, a computer with a high-speed Internet connection and a valid email account, a printer, a ~good~ cell phone with a decent service plan and a fax.

4) SharePoint Application Developer - This is a bit more specialized, but it is essentially the same thing as a web developer, just using a different platform.

How did I come to do these things from home? That is an easy answer. I hate working for someone else. As my mother will tell you, it has been commented on all of my report cards all the way through school, "Gaye does not work or play well with others." *grin* So, because I firmly believe I am Princess of Everything and waking up to an alarm clock absolutely ruins my outlook on the entire day, I work for me, when I want, where I want, and doing only those jobs I want for the amount of pay I want. I can choose to work or I can choose to goof off. I was able to supplement (nicely) my husband's income while I stayed home to raise our son. I am able to stay at home with my cats, in an environment where I can feel safe, be comfortable (no panty hose!!!!) and shoot, I can even drink my coffee and smoke my ciggies without someone going on about second-hand smoke or the fact that I get a little hyper on caffeine. *smirk*

Another reason I choose to work from home is because I do not present myself well at the moment. I have a raging case of rosacea on my face and it is constantly irritated, red, and broken out with blisters. Also, having an extremely underactive thyroid for who-only-knows how many years now, I have gained a significant amount of weight. I don't feel good about myself, and when one doesn't feel good about themselves, they do not present themselves with confidence - it is a vicious cycle. So, for me, working via anonymous phone, email and fax is perfect.

Hope these ideas might be of help to someone just starting out and looking for ways to earn some extra cash or to unlease their creative side.

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Wonderful to see you, Anne! You must be so busy these days! Wish I could help, but I have no personal experience with either of these topics. Sounds as if they will be excellent sites!
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Great ideas Gaye!!! Thank you so much for sharing them! I will get back to you and show you the entries in the site once I have them ready. I also have another idea for you I'll PM you about it.

Sorry about the plastic surgery link - I just fixed it and here it is again -
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Thanks to those who emailed me - please keep the info coming!
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Good to see you Anne...I am just working on my Work from home buisness, I actually do two of them one is working for someone else at home, one is for me. does that count? if it does I will drop you an email
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Thanks Katie - I did reply - would be real happy to get more info on both businesses. By the way, if people here have ideas for work from home businesses that I haven't yet covered in keepgoals.com please do post.
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Hi Anne

First off - thanks for TCS, it's a great site!

I work from home on occassion doing sub contract accountancy work for our business accountant. I also know he sub contracts out various book keeping jobs, and there are often adverts in the paper looking for part time accountants/book keepers to work from home. I know you need some experience in the field to be able to do it, but finding the work afterwards is easy.

Please pm me if you want a more detailed description of exactly what I do.

Good luck with the new sites

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