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Kittens and Water...

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This kind of goes along with all of the other water stories. Whenever I am in the bathroom in the morning getting ready, my two kittens like to come in and they like to jump in the bathtub after I've taken a shower and drink the water that is in the bottom of the tub or they jump up on the sink and lick the water out of the sink. I was just wondering if anyone else's cats do this or if my kittens are just strange?
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My Noodles just about lives in the tub waiting for a drop of soapy water. And Baby - my 16 yr old will hop into that action too!
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Fitzy does the same thing but he will walk on the edge of the tub while I'm taking a shower and poke his head behind the curtain to lick the water off the walls. When he gets bored, he'll sit on the toilet and wait for me to get done.
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Thats so cute! I love watching my kitties lay on the side of the bathtub.
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My kitten Jinxy does the same thing. He loves to get into the shower after I been in it to lick the floor. He also licks my wet feet after I have gotten out of the shower!!!! It really tickles. He even doesn't mind when I give him a bath. He just sits there!!! My last cat who died was much older and absolutely HATED water and baths. I think its just a kitten thing. Needless to say, I keep all toiet seats down!!

Also, I always keep a glass of water on my night table when I go to sleep at night. I had to switch to a plastic water bottle, because Jinxy would climb onto the night table and start drinking it all!!
I just love furrbabies!!!!!

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I have one who licks the shower curtain after chasing all the drops of water that zoom down it.

My spoiled one wants the water in the bathroom sink turned on just a trickle so he can get a drink from the fountain. Reminds me of kids who can't pass a water fountain in public without stopping for a drink.
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I have a few who like the water. My 2yr old Tinkerbell likes to wait until I get out of the shower to rub and lick my legs. The only problem is that all her hair sticks to me...LOL.
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Ditto for my 4--all tub-lickers. They even fight over who gets to go first. I turn on the faucet in the bathroom sink if it looks like there's going to be too much of a ruckus.
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Arizona not only insists on drinking from the bathroom sink faucet, she comes to me and demands that I come and turn it on for her.
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My toonces and I have a little bathroom routine. She will walk along the tub and peek her head through just to make sure things are going okay. Then she waits for me on the toilet seat. Occasionally while she is waiting on the toilet seat she will meow at me, then I meow at her, then she meows at me, and I meow at her. We have our own little conversation. Then when I get out and wrap the towel around me I go to the toilet seat, where she is still waiting, and I pat my chest and she paws her way up with her front paws and I pet her for a while.

Buttons likes to roll on my feet after the shower and then jumps to the sink and lays in it or waits for me to turn the water on so she can drink.

For some reason Patches thinks that when I get out of the shower it's play time!

All babies are 7 and 8 years old.
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All of mine love playing in the tub/sink. Excalibur always has a wet head from sticking it under the running sink facet!
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Yes, I've had two that would jump in the shower or bath with you. Some cats don't mind water, I guess.
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Snowball likes to drink out of the faucet in the bathtub.
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Fitzy has started coming into the tub while I'm taking a bath and will sit in tub while I'm taking a shower--the other day he jumped in, ran through, and jumped out the other side--so cute!
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Interesting to read all these posts - I thought my cats were really unusual with this, but I guess they're not! Mine also sit on the edge of the tub when I'm in the shower and poke their heads around the shower curtain. And they jump in the tub as soon as I get out. They even lick the water off my feet and legs when I get out. They love drinking from the faucet and I saw one of them turn the faucet on himself this week with his mouth ...pretty incredible!
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My cats do the same, especially Spidey. He even bats at soap bubbles in the tub, and has fallen in before, or will get in the shower with you. If you really wanna see something funny, go look at my thread in Cat Lounge called "Don't Laugh (Well not too hard)" or soemthing like that. Water kitties!
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Cindy, That must have been some sight to see! Get a pic of that one would you?
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None of mine jump into anything filled with water, but I have a few who like to play with it. This is Kaos who will come running if he see's you at the sink
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I felt better after I read the posts on here about my cat loving bath water-(and tiolet water,bleh!)-but I still have some concerns because she doesn't seem to drink it out of her dish. She puts her paw in and moves it all around too,and then doesn't really drink much. She has some acne on her chin, so I was worried that the water irritated it which is why she didn't like to drink out of her dish, but I don't know.....Is this normal? How can I make sure she's getting enough water?
Thanks in advance
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The water wouldn't really bother the acne. Some cats just really don't like drinking from a bowl. Cats really don't drink as much as you would think they should. They get a very small portion from dry food and if you feed wet, they get quite a bit from that. I have a few who don't like drinking from a bowl so I bought a water fountain for them.
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That's a great idea, Sandie. I have heard that kitties really like fountains.

I only give Jinxy bottled water, because I dont like the taste of our tap water, so I certainly would not give it to Jinxy. Try bottled water and make sure you change it often. That's my suggestion.

Speaking of water, Jinxy has this new thing now. We have glass doors on our shower. When I am in the shower, he watches as the droplets roll down the glass and from the outside he follows them and tries to trap them with his paws. Obviously the water is on the inside, so he is unsuccessful. When one droplet falls all the way down, he finds another. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I am usually pretty cranky in the morning until I have some coffee, but watching Jinxy puts me in a great mood in the mornings now!
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Thanks for responding back, I guess I won'[t worry about it so much. I was interpreting the tub-licking, and toilet drinking (bleh!as unusual "i am so thirsty" behaviour.Guess it's just a kitty-thing!
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I don't have a water baby. Dani's quickly out of the bathroom once I turn on the shower but when I fill her water dish, she comes and blocks my path until I lean over and let her drink from it. When she shakes her head, that's my signal that she's done
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How many of you wish daily that we could just read our kitties minds?
I mean, is that kind of water more appealing in some way?
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