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Newcomer mommy beside herself

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i am new to this wonderful website, so please forgive any repetition. i am sick with worry about my sweet zoe.
The short version is that kitty is licking her tummy in two spots. The hair is partially gone from these spots, they are chafed, scabby, welty and sometimes bloody.
[COLOR=Indigo]The long version is this:
Zoe went to the vet a week ago for a dental cleaning. Since she is so tramuatized to go anywhere, i decided to have her grooming done at the same time at the vet's clinic. Since they put her under for the dental portion, they gave her a lion's cut (her first in my care - i adopted her a year ago from an animal welfare agency). Zoe cat woke up missing 7 teeth and most of her hair. The few days following her procedures were exciting for me: she had more energy and enthusiasm than i've seen in a while.
Then, on Tuesday, i noticed the little scabs on her tummy, and they've become increasingly worse. Furthermore, she's kind of taken to hiding out more than ususal.
According to what i've read on this site, it could be one of two things:
1.) stress (resulting from the appointment, the subsequent change in her food- she had to have soft food for three days, resulting from the delivery of new furniture this week, resulting from the forced oral administration of antibiotics or any other thing she may find distressing)
2.) physical discomfort from her new cut (perhaps a nick, or an irritating regrowth)
So i read many posts here, and i called the vet. i have decided to try love, patience, distraction tactics and neosporin on the wounds (which are huge, bloody welts). However, my sweet baby WILL NOT let up.
Every twenty seconds or so, she licks it again, even after i distract her with food, love, or toys.
i am beside myself. Any advice, words of wisdom, even just supportive thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!
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you may need to get an E-collar for Zoe-- that should prevent her from licking on her wounds unless they are really close to her rear and then the E collar will make it harder for her. You may even have to consult your vet to see about bandaging the wounds along with an E collar to prevent her from messing with them. All in all-- call your vet and see what they say.

We will be praying for her to get better and quit licking her wounds. Good luck
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Obviously a vet visit first. But I had to bandage Persil to stop her licking at an abscess wound she had. She needed it for four or five days until it formed a firm scab and didn't irritate her.
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