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Its a Boy!

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Well for all of you that responded to "new stray kitty" just wanted to inform you that KK is a boy, we took him to the vet for a good check up. He has no diseases, no fleas and no testicals! LOL He was already owned, I assume, and they had him "fixed". the Vet geussed he is about 5yrs old...which is way off from the 1yr-1 1/2yr I thought he was but obviously I didnt know much.

Now my probelm is to keep him from attaching my child! The vet seems to think he has had bad experiences with children and sees my 5yr old as a threat, so whenever he gets a chance he pounces on her an scratches her which is really starting to freak out my daughter, she carries a squirt bottle every where in the house so he doensnt get her. That makes me mad but Im trying to give it time because he is so loving to me and I feel bad to just give up on him. So if anyone has anymore ideas on how to handle this please contact me. And I will keep you updated THANX ALL!!!
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Great to hear he is already neutered. How exactly is he attacking your daughter?? Have you thought about contacting a behaviorist??

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