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I feel lucky!

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I live out in the countryside and lately, I have been seeing so many beautiful animals out in the open - just recently, I saw 2 hummingbirds playing with each other, I watched them for a long time, maybe about an hour while I just lay in the swimming pool.
Tonight, We look out the window and there are 3 deer in the yard. I took a lot of pictures and these are my two favourites.

This one because its just right at the edge of my yard, about 10 yards from me. They just stand there and look at me.

I made a kissing sound to make it look at me and didnt realise it would take such a good picture - about 20 yards from me.

I am glad I get to see those beautiful things before I go home very soon!
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Those are great pictures Kellye! You're so lucky to get to see them so close up.
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Beautiful pictures...so peaceful. Thanks for sharing them.
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I really like the second picture. Very pretty.
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Wow!!!!!! Those pictures are FANTASTIC!!!!!!
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Gorgeous!! Just gorgeous!
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Awww lovely pictures Kellye!
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Great pictures!
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lovely pictures,your lucky we are in london most wildlife we get are the local kids and the occasional squirrel.
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How incredibly lovely, Kellye, excellent shots!Thank you for sharing this beautiful sight!
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They are wonderful to look at. I hope you don't grow vegetables though - deer can be so destructive in a garden! But it is worth it to see them like that.
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thos ar lovely pics so cute!!
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