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Poor Helen is finally home

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Helen was a Calico Polydactyl that I rescued from a farm 18 years ago. The owner of this farm tried to kill her several times before I rescued her. She had been stabbed by a pitch fork twice, shot twice, leaving her without a bottom jaw, and partly blind. I learned of her situation and contacted the land owner and he was more than happy to let me to set a live trap and catch her. I brought her to my parents farm where she lived in a heated barn, and had soft food fed to her until now, 18 years later. Although it's sounds like she suffered all of her life because of her injuries, she actually lived a very great life, and was very active(she was the best mouser cat!). She brought such sweetness to everyone around her, and died peacefully in her sleep cuddled up in her cat bed. She was a great inspiration, and you couldnt have a bad day when she was near you....she will be so missed, and I was so blessed to have her in my life
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awwww I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Helen - she certainly sounded like an extremley special kitty How wonderful that she got to live such a long life knowing how loved she was, especially after her rough start to life.

How wonderful of you to let her into your heart

chase those RB mouses Helen sweetheart - enjoy those angel wings

RIP angel Helen - you will be greatly missed
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What a horrible way for her to begin life! How lucky that you rescued her and let her live a happy life. I know how much impact a wonderful barn cat can have. Condolences on her loss!

Now Helen is over the bridge, and will never feel another twinge of pain. Rest in peace, Helen!
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Helen was truly an amazing kitty! How she suffered Yet you erased all those horrible memories for her and gave her a wonderful long life! True love did conquer all, in this situation. I am glad that your family was blessed with this special spirit in your home for 18 years; now it's Heaven's turn to enjoy this splendid cat! All the little children who have left this earth to early will take good care of Helen for you until it's your turn to be reunited with your special kitten again! Godspeed, Helen! - we here at TCS will be be here for your mewommy, so enjoy your reward over RB!
God Bless, Susan
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She sounds like a truly special cat. She is catching mice at the bridge now.
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I'm so sorry Helen was a truely remarkable cat and so lucky to find you.
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Some people are truly cold hearted to the bone!, she was so lucky to have someone like you to show her what love really was. Bless you for having such a big heart!!

May she rest in peace
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I'm truly sorry, but glad to hear you rescued Helen and she knew she was loved by you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Helen, but thanks to you the last years of her life were great. I know she'll be waiting to greet you over the Rainbow Bridge.
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