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So glad to find this site!

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My life with cats started when I chose two female littermates, Laverne and Shirley ten years ago. Well, actually, growing up we had Harry, then Spot... but this is "life on my own" with cats...

Anyway, my small cat family quickly grew as stray after stray showed up. Through the years I've found some of them great homes, some have passed over the rainbow bridge, but all were spayed or neutered and vaccinated. I'm kind of a stickler about that. Right now, our kitty family is holding steady at 12 permanent residents, two "neighborhood" cats that I take care of, and now a new Mom cat (Kenmore) who just birthed three beautiful babies yesterday. Kenmore is already spoken for as a nice gentleman down the street is looking for a cat to keep his indoor kitty company, and I might, just might have homes for the two female kittens when they're ready. Things look good already.

It's this new temporary resident, named Kenmore because she chose to sleep on a neighbor's washing machine on their porch, that brought me to this website. I've had her in a spare bedroom for four weeks to let her have a safe place to give birth, but it seemed like she was taking forever. So I searched the internet to see if I could learn more about the final days of Kenmore's pregnancy. She ate like a horse right up to the last day. She showed no "hey, I'm about to have babies" signs (other than her ever expanding belly). Thankfully, they're all here now, and they're all healthy. She did have one dead kitten. She had buried it well in the bedding. I think she smothered him. I tried to revive him, but he was gone. He may have been stillborn.

But, me and my crazy assortment of kitties are happy to be here. These forums seem very friendly, and it will be a treat to read what everyone has to say.

Take care!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Your fur family sounds like a loving one-any chance of seeing pictures sometime soon?

Your right, this place is really friendly. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask-you should get a lot of helpful answers.

See you around the forums!
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hi Nicki Welcome Aboard!

See you on the forums!!
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hey! wellcome to TCS!!!!!
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Hi Nicki! Welcome to TCS!! This is the friendliest forum on the internet so I know you'll love it here!!
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Hi and welcome to the site...
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Welcome! I'm so glad you found the site! I'm the furmom to the 3 furkids in my signature...I hope you have a great time here & and enjoy the other kitties too!

Have a wonderful day!
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Hi Nicki and welcome to the forum as I am new to the site too.

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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and
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