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Thw Winter Olympics!

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I am so excited - the Olympics start in less then 1 month (Feb 8). Thise of you who live in Utah (Nena10) must be thrilled. If we had the Olympics I would definately volunteer for something. I was very disappointed Toronto didn't get the 2008 summer games. What is everyone's favourite Olympic winter event? I personally love the figure skating & the speed skating, although I will watch all that I can. They have made a dangerous sport an "official" medal event this year. It is called skeleton sledding. It is like the luge, except the one person on the sled is going down the run face first. That just seems stupid if you ask me. Canada should win a couple of goodmedals this year (pair & ice dance in figure skating). I also think ballroom dance is also an official medal event. What does everyone think of the the Olympics? Do you think that there will be terrorist activity this year at any of the events? Will some middle east countries boycott?
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Its very hectic right now. I have to pass through the area were they will hold the Medals Plaza and concerts and stuff. Everyday, while I wait for the bus, I watch the men at work building the plaza. Its going to be by the Delta Center(where the Utah Jazz play basketball). I feel very excited but at the same time very nervous because there will be a lot of people. I really like the Summer olympics more. I like the swimming and diving, track and field, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, volley ball, and marathons. Also equestrian events. For the winter, I like skiing and figure skating. I am excited but I can't wait until its over and everything will be back to normal.
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Here are some pictures I found on the net.
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Here are some more:
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And one more:
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I would say that my favorite winter olympic sport is ice skating. I love watching them do all those lutzs and axels and everything that they do.

I wish that they had gymnastics in the winter too lol. That is my FAVORITE olympic sport of all!!
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The downhill skiing(as opposed to what? uphill maybe??)is always fun to watch. 60 to 70 mph on ice standing on two boards..omy. Free-style tho...I did that the first time I wore skiis(I was just trying to stand up tho)...and if I ever find out who pushed me!!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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