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I'm a stay at home Mommy!! So, well I guess you can say that sometimes I do instead of cleaning the house. You know what I mean?
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The company where I am being made redundant from is actually an internet company... So when I was at work I used to piss about for some part of the day, but still managed to get my work done!

Don't think I will be able to use the net as much when I get a new job though... but I will still have it at home
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I use the internet a lot at work, sometimes when I have no work to do, and sometimes when I just can't be bothered to do any work

You have more chance of seeing a pig fly than me giving the name of my company though
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Sometime, mostly Sundays only though when we are slower! But the boss lets me so it's OK!!!
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I can't. I'm a waitress so it was completely pointless to even respond! I'm having a silly day

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I used to just a little, but then I found out that our computers are tracked.....no more goofing off! I do check my personal e-mail on occasion still but no visiting TCS unfortunately!
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Yes I do, and the first website I go to is TCS
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I don't often at work, occasionally I will be on here during working hours but I'm usually to busy and I'm not sure they would appreciate it to much. I mainly come on line in the evenings, or whenever I possibly can. I would imagine it would be nice to be on here all the time from a job. That would be great!
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I wish! I work retail, no computer for me
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