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Skinny Mom

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The mom that was released by into my yard is sooooo skinny. Is there anyting special I can feed her to fatten her up.

Does kitten food have more fat???
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Kitten food does have higher calaries. It's usually recommended for pregnant and nursing moms. Also, canned food generally has a higher fat content than dry. If possible I would suggest getting a fecal sample and have it tested for worms.
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I don't think I'll be able to find a fecal sample of a feral cat.
But maybe I'll speak to my vet and see if I can get her worm medicine just in case she does have worms (if it won't harm her if she doesn't have worms)

I am going to continue to feed her some kitten food and see if that does anything. I feel so bad for her she is so tiny..... her litter was born about 8 weeks ago.
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call the vet to see what he recommends
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They may not want you to worm her if/while she is nursing kittens ... but check in with the vet to make certain.

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She doesn't have the kittens anymore, I am fostering them in my house so they can be adopted out.
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Ok she already had them...well I think maybe the kitten food is the best but not sure....sorry
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Thanks..... I am going to feed her one can of kitten food and one can of adult food a day....
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Talk to the vet. Strongid is a good wormer that you can mix right in canned food because it doesn't taste bad. It is very safe to give to pregnant/nursing cats and kittens 2 weeks old and over.
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