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Sex Problem!

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I got two MALE cats. I caught Mui Mui on top of Brownie several times and Brownie was making strange noises.

Today, I caught Mui Mui and saw his red penis standing up. I fainted. Now Mui Mui will do it with Brownie several time at night (I dunno which cat wants it).

My apartment do not allow cats and if Brownie make enough noises, my neighbour will soon finds out that we own two.

Is that normal for two MALE cats to do it to each other? By the way, both of them has been sprayed since they are 6 months old.
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It has nothing to do with sex
This is a dominance display, Mui Mui is letting Brownie know that he is the alpha cat and mounting him to prove his point.

It's very normal.
One of my males does this to his brother frequently, I just tell him no and make him leave his brother alone.
However, your cat will display his dominance one way or another, if he can't mount him, he will instead swat at him, and get extremely rough in his play.
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I am so relieve to read your post. I thought my cats have gone crazy. Thank you very much.
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Just a thought - you may want to get the Feliway Plug ins and put a couple around your apartment to see if that'll calm them down a little bit and keep the noise to a minimum!

Good luck,
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Yes, my smaller boy even mounts my BIG boy...Its funny to watch a little cat on top of a large one...Just plain weird
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Last night they do it again. I just chase Mui away. I guess Mui felts threaten by Brownie size. Brownie is bigger than Mui although they are the same age.
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