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Favorite Cat Toy

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What do YOU think is the best cat toy ever? Da Bird? The Cat Dancer? Those little furry mice? Homemade or non-toy (such as the tops off of milk jugs) toys?
Vote and then tell us what you chose and why! My vote is for The Cat Dancer because it is cheap, already assembled ( ), and the girls go NUTS over it. It's also a great way to give them the necessary exercise.

(Mods, I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but I didn't see a forum in that cat sections that really applied to toys per se.)
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Mine love milk jug tops,toliet paper and boxes. I also buy these little pillows filled with fresh catnip that a lady on ebay makes and sells for about a dollar a pillow. They love those, if I dont hide them they would be all over the house. So I ration them out.
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Mine are naturally attracted to my legs, feet, hands, and Annie LOVES my hair! :
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
Mine are naturally attracted to my legs, feet, hands, and Annie LOVES my hair! :
Yeah, I included body parts as a type of toy because our cats certainly think they are!!!:
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Oh, geez, everything's a toy at this stage of the game! I think all polls by law ought to have an "other" category. I'd say Narsil's favorite is a generic kitty wand that looks like it's got a rooster tail on the end since it's made from rooster feather in a feather duster arrangement. Although his favorite pastime seems to be trying to pull the feathers out as if he's plucking a bird. They love the crinkle balls, although they're not self-starters on those as it were.

Pens. I have to make sure that they're not within reach.


*caps added for emphasis
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Speaking of feathers I found a long one by my garden shed earlier this week-to you think if I washed it the cats found play with it??? I don't know the type-its about 8-9 inches long. We have had lots of hawks flying over lately perhaps it fell off???
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
Oh, geez, everything's a toy at this stage of the game! I think all polls by law ought to have an "other" category.
You're so right. My bad
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Well, I checked those little furry mice, because it seems like I'm forever buying them, then they disappear and I find them in the strangest places. But, Pete and Gracie both love Da Bird and the Cat Dancer too. Pete still has a lot of kitten in him, so everything is still a toy at this point.
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I just reordered feathers for Da Bird because Bob just mangles it. He acts like it's a real bird and goes in for the kill. It's also the only toy that seems to get a reaction out of Freckles. I put it in the bathroom when not in use and Bob will often sit outside the door, hoping I'll go in and he can nab it!
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I have no idea what is the different between Da bird and the cat dancer?
Anyway we have a long stick, a string and there is a mouse attached to it, is that called a cat dancer? i voted for that. Thats his favourite toy!
But he also loves his squiggi soccer balls
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I checked other...because Cody's favorite toy is Rikki Rocket's drumstick (drummer for Poison - a friend made me join his fan club ) with a string and little pink sparkley ball attached ... she still loves to play with it now!
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I voted for the cat dancer because that is their favorite toy.

They absolutely LOVE my mesh collapsible laundry basket. I put some tissue paper (another favorite) in it and they think its their tent! This is not my original idea. Someone on this site mentioned it before the "great crash," but I don't remember who it was. I leave it set up for them all the time now.
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I have alot of store bought toys BUT she loves to play with a phone cord..she walks around with it in her mouth. I had moved one time and she discovered this and its become her toy. She also loves tissue gift paper balled up...she really gets excited when she hears the sound of tissue paper! lol
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Foil crinkle balls! I love those! Festie will even play fetch with them, and bring them back to me so I can FLICK them so they go flying across the floor! Sometimes she drops them in the water bowl, maybe to keep them away from Garfield?

They both love any crinkly trash found on the floor, or pulled out of the trash can!
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The best cat toy *all* 7 of our cats enjoy is my hippie door beads : ) I finally took them down and threw them away because strands kept ripping off. I did keep two strands of beads for playing with the cats and they love them!
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Ours wasn't on there, but mice and little balls come a close second so I picked that one. The absolute fave in my house is that damn laser pointer. Milo whines for it and even Pixie will chase it around. Hours of entertainment for the whole family!
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bindi LOVES her little remot control mouse! and she like lides to almost ne thing!
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There definitly needs to be an other option.

The feathers are the best cat toy!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
There definitly needs to be an other option.

The feathers are the best cat toy!
.......and homemade Balls of everything!
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Reilly loves those little foam balls, he loves to play fetch with them!
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Charlotte absolutely loves my old, beat up scrunci hair tie. It's the fabric type. Izzie's doesn't seem to have a favorite toy yet. She's still fascinated with everything.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
Sometimes she drops them in the water bowl
yas does that too with the crinkle balls...they sit in there and soak then she decides to pull them out and....yea...the dye runs to my carpet...nice lol so i threw out the crinkle balls b/c i have oatmeal color carpet...not very pretty with big green and red spots on it! lol
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I voted for the Cat Dancer. All my boys love it. (I have to keep it hidden or Forest will love it to pieces in no time flat.) It's the only toy that even catches Couch Potato Tailer's interest these days.
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Just picked up that laser pointer for Jack, my big playful boy. If he sees it in my hand he's already ready to play. It's great for giving him exercise and getting him to run around. He's usually attacking my girl Kali but the laser pointer has made her life easier too.
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Rabbits Feet! (I know, I know, not the most "pc" of things) If you're out and about and you come across those old fashioned rabbits feet keychains, pick one cats used to go nuts for them! I've been on the look out for one for months (can't find them anymore it seems). I apologize to the bunny lovers...
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Right now, Oscar's favorite is a furry mouse that squeaks like a real mouse when he smacks it! Annoying but it keeps him entertained. We have to put it up all night or he keeps us up. He gets the quiet toys at night.
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Its all about those furry mice with Emmett. I know when I move out of this place I'll have a large box full of them. I've gotten tired of looking for them so I just buy him more
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The FOUR I have now LOVE Da Bird and ANY of the feathers on a poll! Panther loves feathers no matter how they come BUT he also loves my cross!
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It's so funny how different cats can be.

Chloe loves balls... especially the soft soccer balls and christmas balls (I had such a hard time keeping them on the tree last Christmas!)

Suki loves chasing the ball that rolls around on the circle track with the cardboard scratchpad in the middle. She's funny-she actually gets so excited she claps when she stops the ball!

Daisy is brand new, so we're still adjusting (I'm not even sure the name is going to stick... she doesn't seem like a Daisy). She has taken an interest in the feather on a stick toy, but we'll see what she really likes once we get used to each other.

I think I'm going to look into The Cat Dancer and Da Bird... they sound fun!

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