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Pix of the Coonlet Boys

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Tried to get some pix of the boys this morning. I'll have to get the DH to wave the teasers around, it's extremely difficult to have camera in one hand and teaser in the other! They're about 4 months 3 weeks old now, born day is March 13.

Narsil: GOTCHA!

Mithril: I'll have a go!

Narsil: "And a step to the left, and a step to the right ..."

Mithril: "Dang, that's hard work."

Narsil, the well read cat.

Mithril: "Cuteness is in my genes."
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i love the white around their eyes...make them look even bigger and oh so cute!!

you have beautiful babies!
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ey are something else. So pretty and smart looking.
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Great pics!, I love the tufts of fur on the top of the ears!....adorable
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Thank you . We think they're adorable also at least when they're not on the table, or pulling on mouse cords, or attacking the blinds, or ...
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Oh Cindy...your wild boys are growing so fast. I'm weak from seeing how handsome they are. swoon
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Aw those are very beautiful cats. Their noses just make you wanna kiss them
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Thanks! They're running amok this morning , I like to say that "their rubber bands must've been winding all night." I keep hearing little Coon "chrr-mrrts in the hall as they're chasing balls, bottle caps, furry mice and each other. Oh, and somewhat alarming noises (I don't want to know) from the bathroom the next room over. Narsil likes to poke his paw down the drain in the tub and knock the rod around that's supposed to attach to the missing valve cap (old house.) It's not going to be too long though before their paws are too large to do that!
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the last one is just great!!!! I know what you mean it being hard to take pic with the camera in one hand and the toy in the other... And here I thought it was just Kitters who has to stop to rest while playing with those!!!
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There beautiful, are they Maine Coons?
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They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE the last one of Mithril.
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Maine Coons are awesome and your guys are adorable, Cindy! They're going to be really big boys!
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