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Only in Green Bay!!!

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Well its fanatic football frenzy time here
Tonight is the Packer's "Family Nite" in where the scrimmage mind out will be televised locally and on the NFL network between the Packers and the Bills.
This is a marketing dream come true . Tickets to this event were $8 they sold 57,000 tickets in 3 hours!!!!!!!!!! The stadium is filled for this 1 hour scrimmage. Simply unbelievable. They have a practice scrimmage this morning at 8:45 and on one of the local TV stations this am-there are people that were their already at 6:00 am. Lambeau Field parking lot gates opened at 7:00 am. There probably are tailgators drinking beer at 7:01 am.
Just for your knowlege I do not own any pieces of orange foam headgear.
The world news takes a backseat now that football season is almost hear.
Just thought I would share this.
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Hey, if I had a chance to see two real NFL teams play for less than ten bucks, I'd be first in line, too!!!!!

I don't own any orange headgear either, but I'm still proud to be a Packer Backer I do have a friend who has an entire ROOM dedicated to her memorabilia, which also includes a crockpot w/a helmet on the side, which she only uses for the family (never to a potluck )
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