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Good vibes please...

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Hi everyone,
I need some of those good board vibes please. My grandma fell last night and broke her hip. She is 85 years old and in surgery to help fix it. She's a fiesty lady, hopefully she'll recover just fine. But she could really use some vibes (and so could I.) Thank you all in advance, I know TCS vibes have been known to work miracles.
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TCS thoughts for healing & prayers really do help. I will be praying that your dear Grandmother does well & that you feel the trust & love that will be coming your way.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Sending good vibes and prayers her ways.
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Oh I certainly hope that your grandmother heals up well from her broken hip. {{{{}}}} My grandmother broke both of her hips after a fall in a bathtub in Rome. We were all so scared, so here's a hug for you b/c I know what you're feeling right now.
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What an awful thing to happen-I hope her hips heals okay.{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}
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Sending vibes your way! {{{{ }}}}
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Thank you everyone, you're helping me feel better already (and grandma too.)
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I do hope she makes a full recovery - it can be hard at that age, but if she is healthy and active she has a good chance of getting back to normal soon. Good wishes to her!
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My prayers for your grannie Dear Laura! ....sending ((((Good vibes))))) ....
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Lots of good vibes headed her way!
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I'm sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well through the surgery. Sending you good vibes and
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Awww bless her heart, the poor thing

Sending (((((mega healing vibes))))) for grandma
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Thank you to everyone who has sent good vibes and thoughts. Grandma made it through surgery okay and is in recovery. So far so good, thanks to y'all.
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Sending vibes to your grandmother for a fast recovery.
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