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Help needed in Ohio with Feral Colony

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This is from a girl on Petfinder named Lynn...she tried to join the site but is having difficulty:

Well it is late but want to post this.I fed cats later than usual tonight and at a restaurant I feed the manager was out.He came towards me and asked if I fed the cats.I said Yes I have.he said not to as it not a good idea to have cats near the restaurant.I said OK but can I catch them and euth as if they can't be fed I think that is wrong and they suffer from starvation.He said that is fine but back of the restaurant.They are moving soon(month) so i had to ask when.Acted like it was for the business but NOT.I won't go back.He was shocked when he came towards me and saw it was the lady he is so friendly to.In fact all of them there are nice to me and give me alot of attention and make sure I am treated so nice.

Well I won't go back.I am not a crimnal and I don't choose to feed cats but if they are there I feel they should be fed.They wait and depend on me every night.I have been having my granddaughter with me and so glad she wasn't tonight.

See this is the downfall of this all.I know I cannot keep affording this and want to stop but then this.I told him I would take them to my vet adn do it humanely.He said that was fine.I see no other choice.I have been warned.I can't the thoughts of starving animals.


Is there anyone who can help this woman? Unfortunately she hasn't provided an email yet..but I will try to get one.

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Where in Ohio?
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Elicon...she didn't say....this was another message I received from her...she is 58 and trying to do this all on her own. I'm too far away to help.

I am in OHIO.We have recently had the bigger towns/groups say by 2010 they will have the animal population taken care of.I work with some of these and they tell people to call me all the time.One Humane had their vet walk out so our vet is going for the time being.Another director who was on the Board to cut the overpopulation just walked out the last few days.I talked to a lady who has been a big supporter at that shelter and she is shocked.So am I but sure they will find another big supporter of fixing the animals.He gave no notice but I mentioned it must have been his new job needed him NOW but then again this shelter needed him now too until another replacement could be found.I am sure big bucks was in the new offer.He makes good money now but I am sure much much better at the new position.

I had a guy call me about 6 months ago(think from AZ) and wanted to start a spay clinic in our area and he would fix cats and dogs 5 days a week.He said he sets up clinics all over the US and now I hear he did (I think him) set up one about 1 hour from me.I heard another might be set up another hour from me(different direction).The problem is I was hoping he would go a happy median.I may call him back as my son came to visit and I had to let him in.I checked the number so I have it handy.I may talk to the bigger shelters and ask them to contact him.That would be better.They have alot of clout in bigger towns.

People ask me to start my own non profit and even the vets I work with say to but I live in a area where fundraising is not good at all.I don't feel I have the energy.

So here are things I do because I don't work.SEC of a NO KILL shelter for 10 years, started the spay fund for our county shelter ( now doing it a little different), once a month the cat clinic(alot of organizing and more work than anyone can imagine when the people aren't responsible. Am now on a committee to raise money for the new NO KILL shelter(I am to write for the paper.Found that out tonight).I have my grandkids more lately and also feed cats everyday for almost 1 hour.Go to the store daily to get food.Have my own candle business and make great candles but I need to do it now for ME.I have to let something go but seems more put on me.I have been told by the vets I have the best candles so I want to start that when husband retires and but now do it parttime.Transport cats to a place about 25 miles from me to get fixed when I start getting full of females.It is a vet that will do it for the same low cost unless pregnant. he is on the Board of the NO KILL I am with.Last but not least fundraise a few times a year to get money for the county.They started another program but now I want to see if I can get some funds for the cat clinic as far as maybe having a all male day and fix males for $10.00.I do all of this 90% by myself.I prefer doing the fundraising as I know it will get done. I have been told by others if I quit "nothing for fixing animals".They never help though and they are referring to someone who is as consistent as I.

I will look over Alley Cats.It has been awhile since I kept up with them.It was when I caught all those ferals and my husband built the CAT SHACK.Well it has been 10 years and not i need to paint the inside.We did do some changes a few years ago but time to do more.The cats that are there really like it but now only a few left there.The other cats are in my house or outside.They never leave the back yard and play in a cornfield behind me.

I guess I should tell you I am 58 and just maybe why things are so hard anymore.I am told I don't look it but do animal welfare long enough and suddenly you will look it.My husband is 62 and has heart trouble but still works.I never seem to get enough sleep and have no idea how I function.

I am sure you will not be in this area but we can do the best we can.This mobil unit travels all over OHIO and we have another mobil unit in IN not far from me.It is called the Neuter Scooter.We do fine with the mobil clinic but these people abuse it and so many don't show.I have talked to people a day or 2 ahead and they never show that morning.
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Thanks. If you hear more from her, let me know. We do TNR in Cincinnati, but our coordinator has a lot of contacts. Not sure if we could help, but willing to try.
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Originally Posted by eilcon
Thanks. If you hear more from her, let me know. We do TNR in Cincinnati, but our coordinator has a lot of contacts. Not sure if we could help, but willing to try.
Wonderful..thanks....I'll PM you if I hear from her again.

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