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Paw in drinking water

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When Max goes to his water bowl to drink, he puts one paw in it at the same time. I always know he's drinking enough because he often jumps on me with one wet paw!

Anyone know why he does this? Alfie doesn't, he is in fact quite scared of water whereas Max will paddle in a tray of water during hot weather!

Anyone elses kitties water babies?
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After we got the water fountain, Much will pat the bubbles, shake the paw, pat the bubbles, shake the paw, drink then dry off her paw. Quite the ritual for her.

I think for some cats, it helps determine where the water line is.
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We used to have a cat named Misty that would drink her water normally but if you put milk infront of her (I now know that isn't good for kitties), she would drink all of it by dipping her paw in and licking it. Never figure it out!, but it was really funny to watch!
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Yasmine does the same thing, sometimes she stands with one foot in while drinking. She also LOVES to put her toys in the water bowl...not sure why....
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My Dunkin does that also I put ice cubes in it and he tries to get them out, he's a nut anyway
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I've got a watering device, simular to the kind baby chicks drink from. It's got a clear tank that turns upside down into a water bowl. The bowl is always full of water, but Jack seems to think he wants the water in the tank, and will try to dig under the tank in the water with his paw. He'll dig and paw all the water out of the bowl(while it continues to fill with every paw full he splashes out) By the time he's satisfied with the water he wants, there is water everywhere! And I have to keep it on my desk because they refuse to drink out of something on the floor(they're a little spoiled) I have not found a solution of any to stop Jack from doing this, and it happens all day long!
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Jade sticks her paw in the water to test the temp lol
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Hammie puts his furry mice, pipe cleaners, and other stolen artifacts from our house, into one of the water bowls. I have 4 water bowls throughout my house, and he has thus far claimed only ONE. He puts his toys in there... it's showing the other 5 cats, "THIS IS MINE!"

I've seen all of mine put their paws into the water, too. I always thought they were trying to make the water move so they could see where it was, so they can judge where to drink from!

But when Hammie gets that rare-shot of drinking from the toilet --- he does not put his paws in. He uses his forearms to hang onto the lid & puts his head into the john for a drink. Gross, so I tell everyone to please put the lid down!
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Miss Kitty won't drink it until she's stirred it like a pot of stew, LOL. I also do the ice trick, but once she realized that the ice made the water colder she stopped batting it out. I've been considering a fountain, just because I have to change the water many times a day due to the heavy paw action.

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Using her paw to scoop up the water is how Sophie mainly drinks hers.

Sooo cute
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