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I'm not sure how completely you have read the posts I have made on this subject. Let me just wrap it up by saying that in this day and age, there is a tremendous responsibility on teachers concerning liability issues concerning children.

Internet access for kids is a very touchy subject within the realm of the school system. There are already filtering programs in place to restrict access to the worst the net has to offer, but no technology is infallible.

I deal with children every single day who can't be photographed, or salute the flag, or eat a cupcake with Santa's face on it, all due to respecting the wishes of the child's primary caretaker: the parent.

When we agree to internet access, there are still limits as to what is considered acceptable by the district. I can't pull up a site like this one in my classroom, even for my own use, while children are present in the classroom. Teachers have to deal all the time with possible worst-case scenarios, because as a representative of a school district, we have to be prepared for anything. If even one parent objects to one thing on these boards, the potential for liablity is there. It could be something as innocent as a thread on the Harry Potter book series. On 9/11, we weren't allowed to have televisions on because of possible interference with exactly how much information parents may or may not have wanted their children to have.

I could continue to point out examples, but I believe I have made my position clear. Perhaps you might understand if I told you that I feel as strongly about this issue as Catarina does about her support for Max and Deneice.


The difference to me about Jenna is that her mother signed a permission waiver with Anne. After that, whatever Jenna became exposed to was the direct responsibility of her mother. After that it merely becomes a debate between individuals of whether these boards are appropriate for kids or not. But mom gave the green light. That makes all the difference in the world to me.
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Since I am the blessed subject of this discussion I will state the following. Again, I appreciate everyone's concern. Let me add that while my kids were posting, my assistant principal was in the classroom observing..In addition, my students were very involved in 9-11 and watched the events unfold on TV. My parents greatly appreciated the manner in which I dealt with that as well. I even teach using Harry Potter- do I have a couple of kids who cant read it? Yep= Do I have kids that cant say the pledge? Yep..however I refuse to destroy the teaching for the others. I spoke with a number of my parents today who were in complete support of what we are doing. Again, I am not allowing the children to view other threads on this site. Unfortunately, many of you have handled yourselves in again as with the Misstovia thread very hateful and degrading ways..I hope that my kids dont see that. Finally, whomever JIMMY is..I recall after 9-11 that a man was arrested and charged with a felony for "testing" the security in airports...your perverse attempt to act like a molester is so similar. Give me a break. I pride myself on being a strong, yet unconventional teacher. I refuse to be the teacher that is boring and straight from the book. If that offends you-TOO BAD. Again, thanks for all of your input. I know that I have done my job to the appropriate extent. Have a great night!
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Hey moderators...arent you the least bit concerned about the image of the site that "jimmy" is giving. Please take notice of my airline example. If I were a parent checking out this site, I would think maybe we were allowing some serious lines to be crossed. "Jimmy" I'll pray for you.
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One last note, I noticed Jimmy's listed as "very near" interesting that they only came to this site for cat stuff but used that location when registering. HMMM...
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Hiya folks...as you will see we are back. I have only seen one class of kids thus far and 23 have been returned...that is out of 57 students between the 2 classes. Enjoy, we will be doing more posting today. Oh and today or tommorrow we will be making a video in support of Max. Have a great day!! Jocelyn
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Hi my name is Ashley.I heard about what happened to Max the Cat.I really sorry.Even though I never saw before he looks like a nice cat to me.My teacher me and my classmates that story about Max.Well I think that was a stupid reason that Mr.Lacy had ran back to his house and got a golfcluff ,and Max down like that.When Mrs.Shilling toled us that I almost cried and I was very mad.I was so mad when she got done reading ,I was inmagnnig that I was Max I closed my eyes and I was Max and Mr.Lacy came runing at me and started hitting me.So now I know well I think I know how Max felt.Max looked and sound like a real nice cat.Well I'm thinking that Max is inecent to me.Because all he did was scratch one of his dogs.Even though Mr.Lacy shouldn't have been TRESPASSING anyway.And when Max tried to climb a fence and he broke his fingernails thats when it broke my heart.
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You need to use the Thread that the kids started posting on. This is not the same Thread. Yours is the "Sticky" right at the top of the page

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Thanks Cat! I had a blonde moment (great, now I will be criticized for that too). Anyway, I appreciate you informing me..I will fix this. By the way, we are up to 28 permission slips
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support too!
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