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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
oo now im scared of meds oh dear. lol
Work as an active participant with the doctor. Ask questions and understand what you should expect, what you should be looking for when you should be contacting them immediately. Take a notebook and paper with you and write down the answers to your questions. It will help you realize what is working and not working.
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I can agree about the island thing..I think I would do pretty well in that kind of situation, I love to build & figure things out, but would be so screwed if I had to live on bananas! (hee-hee! I hate them!)
The things you mentioned about your experience with meds are 2 more reasons why they scare me..the 'coming down' thing-like "OMG I'm out of meds, have no insurance, no money..." CRASH! Then you feel worse than before!
The sexual thing bothers me, too. And side effects like sleeplessness, & decreased appetite-now that's all I need.
But it is a lifelong battle, I think..somedays are worse than others, but I have resigned myself to dealing with it, & will keep fighting.
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oh gosh, its bad tonight. im so worried, almost pacing. I just want to be better. Joels driving home from iowa tommorow and i guess im just "a bundle of nerves." i feel like crying for no reason. I know i need to sleep but i am just too anxious.
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well, joel got home safe and sound, and i ended up crying at his house 3 times . Today i was put on meds. the bouncing circle one... ummm zoloft? lol, well im doing ok right now, and hopefully this will do the trick. I want to thank you all again for being so helpful, and understanding. Love to you all.
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Hang in there, dear. It will take awhile for the medications to kick in so make sure you give yourself a chance. You've made a start and let us know how it is going - good time and bad times.
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