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My husband has been so great and excepting to all my strays and rescues I've brought into our far. About a month ago, I had another very wild kitten(about 4mo old) come to my door, starving, dirty, and infested with everything! He was so hungry, and beat up, I couldnt help but put some food out for him, and try to get closer to him. I tried a little too soon to catch him, and he bit me, but that healed up just fine. I put wormer in his food and he's gaining weight now and is looking much better, but is still very wild! So, the other night when I heard a kitten cry outside my door I thought it was him and got his food ready, opened the door, and wasnt him, it was a her, and she ran right inside and statred she was finally home! Well, we put up lost posters, and asked our neighbors, but we still cant find her owners. She's been in my daughter's room(away from the other cats) and she is the sweetest kitten I've ever met! My husband told us NO, at first, but now he's getting used to the fact that she's part of the family now(bless his heart!) I'll post a picture of her in the picture posting thread!