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I hope you don't mind me saying..

But she is just ADORABLE! She's so tiny & cute. Such pretty eyes & her color is to die for. You got really luck as did she! Congratulations on the new kitty. I hope to see pictures as she grows!
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She's adorable! Congrats on the new kitty!
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Such Adorable your lovely Daugther Ryan!
Congratulations!! ..
I didn´t see this post before! ..

this is one thing that you don´t have on your life!
Congrats again!
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Ryan....she's adorable!!!!! Congratulations, my friend!!!
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All ... kittens ... are ... cute... must resist ... extreme cuteness !!!

Awwwww ..... !!!!
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She is so absolutely beautiful!!
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Lovely, just lovely. How old is she now?
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Ha Ha! Ryan gets a cat with a Cattitude! Lovely calico there Ryan- have fun with her! tee hee hee
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OOOOOOOOOOOO, Ryan!! What a little heart stealer you have there! She's adorable!
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Ryan! since you got a lovely baby now... when is the time to choose one of us as your girlfriends?
She is just gorgeous
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She is just precious Ryan. I just love her sweeet little face. Congrats on your new baby!
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She's such a little cutie, and if she does turn out to be a handful, that's a plus, because naughty kitties are the most fun to have around. I don't know if you can tell by looking at my Simba, but he's about as big of a handful you can get. He's always keeping me in stitches.
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Allll, a little baby meow...she's toooooo cute!! Congrats!
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Oh and Ryan, she is a Brown Tortoishell Mackeral Tabby Bicolour!

That's a mouthful right?

[Same colour as Arianas, Baylee]
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Awe. She is so incredibly adorable!!
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Ryan, she is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your new little girl, what a lovely choice!
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Awww, congratulations Ryan!!! She's so adorable That first pic is heart-melting!!!
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Awwww, she's so precious!

Ryan, I'm so excited that you *finally* have a kitty!!
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shes beautiful ryan!! Its about time!! lol Now wheres a full picture of her and her daddy together? lol
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Awww she is Sooooooo Cute
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I really want to quote each one of you and respond to each of you, but I don't have the time. Thanks so much everyone! There will be more pics of Chasey as she grows up!
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i think she grew up from those last pictures! a whole few days older!!!
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She is too cute! I love those pictures! Can I steal her? j/k
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Congratulations!! Chasey is such an adorable little girl! She's just precious. That's so wonderful of you to give her a loving home.
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What a sweet little miss Chasey is!!
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When I see such cute pictures of kittens it makes me want to get another one.

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Congratulations Ryan!!! I bet u're enjoying every minute with her. She looks soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Beware - some ppl on this board might think about kidnapping Chasey. HEHEH

Would love to see more pics!
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Ryan....finally has a cat!!! Will you keep her name as Chasey?

I thought for sure you'd be naming her Smurfy!!!

Note to Chasey: You are a lucky girl to be wrapped in Ryan's arms!
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