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please help

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I wasn't sure where would be a good place to put this, but I entered a picture of a previous foster kitten in a photo contest. Echo was found as a 12 week old kitten who was small for his size, his brother and sister were twice the size. After an exam by my vet, Echo was found to have a substantial heart murmur and was scheduled for an echocardiogram to determine the cause (hence the name Echo). We found that he had an atrial septal defect, instead of a 4 chambered heart he had 3, and the right side of his heart was severely enlarged, it was unfixable. The descision was made not to adopt Echo out since he would live a short life, so he ended up staying with me. Echo passed away in December of '04. So what i'm asking is for peoples votes for Echo's picture in this photo contest (4th one from the bottom in the left hand column). You can vote every 24 hours till the end of August. I still do cat rescue and the prize, a $100.00 gift certificate to Petsmart, would be very helpful in purchasing food, litter and toys. Thank you.

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One vote for Echo.
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I voted for echo...good luck and ss for ur lost
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Thank you both, this means alot to me.
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Just voted!
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Beautiful Echo certainly has my vote.
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Voted and I'll do it again tomorrow!
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Just voted for beautiful Echo!
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Me to
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voted - Echo was just so beautiful!!
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Thank you all, this is greatly apreciated.
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