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Please read-re: the kids

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I just want to let all of you know that the intention of allowing my kids to comment in this forum is to let each of us know the passion that children hold. I think that as adults, we lose some of our passion and are very casual about things. I feel like, as a teacher, it is my job to build strong citizens. Part of this, in my opinion, is to educate the children about ways to stand up for what they believe in. How lucky are we to live in a country (USA citizens) where we can have these freedoms? I just don't want to feel the weight on my shoulders when this generation is taking care of the rest of us. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to help my students know that it is ok to disagree but to do so with grace and respect.
At any rate, this forun was here long before my kids. Please dont change anything you do. They dont have the freedom to roam the net at school, and I have the thread up for them. I really enjoy the conversations that occur here and don't want that to change. Thanks!
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J - I for one amd greatly impressed by the comments and passion that your children are showing. It is more than important for children to learn of others and their needs. Good life lesson!
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I know most of the people on this site have children and that anyone can lurk or post. I am not trying to offend anyone, but is this about to become Romper Room?
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KK - no! I think that this has become a temporary place for these children to express their opinions on a subject and feel that they are helping. They do not have their own sign-on - they are using their teachers. What exactly are you concerned about?
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KrazyKat- That is not the intention. To be perfectly honest, the entire purpose of this was to show support for Max and his cause..hence using the forum of a "cat" website. I made the choice to introduce this topic to my children, they made the choice to respond. However, since they wrote letters to the DA re: this topic, and because I wanted ADULTS to see how children can be inspiring, I decided to go this route. I didnt intend to offend everyone. However, after viewing a large amount of the posts about Max, or when Max has been included in discussion, AND THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION, everyone seems so "oh well" about it..I take that back, not everyone, but a large # of people. I just wanted to inspire others. I can very easily alter my children's actions if that is what the majority wants. It seems though, that I have gone through the appropriate channels, covered all of my bases, and the response has been positive. Again, if the majority objects- Party over. Very simple.Thanks.
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I think your idea of including the children is a great idea. You have my total support!
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I think your idea is great. I surely enjoy reading their letters,it's so nice to see their enthusiasm. I find it very refreshing in these days when all we hear is the problems with our schools and the kids therein.

The problems here really have nothing to do with you or them.
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This "Sticky Post" was directly designated and approved by Anne. The children are not members here and they can't post without Jocelyn being with them. So what's the big deal KK...Not to mention, what's so bad about getting Max some attention...he surely needs some folks at a CATSITE for support...

If this was your cat, wouldn't you want the same kind of support? Just put yourself in someone else's shoes. How selfish can some people be.

Hat's off to you Jocelyn, I can't thank you enough and for those of you that don't like it, I pray to God nothing like this ever happens to one of your innocent cats.

Dedicated to Max….and to those that are voices for the voiceless.

The Innocent

I'm crying…reaching out
Why is there no one to hear my final shout?
How loud do I need to project?
What is the language must I need to speak?
How can you turn away from an innocent soul?
How can you return them to what was once their home?
When will all come to walk with them gently?
When will you love; for there are so many?

Turn away, turn away, it is easy for most.
Your life is so busy;
Your life you boast…

My pain does not end
It only gets deeper
To live with my own
While greed is their keeper

I only become bitter inside
To see that there is such a great divide,
There may be a time when such crime
tortures you…

Your language will be mine
An unfamiliar tongue
To save the innocent's bleeding
Their lives horrific and shunned
Your pain so deep; a loved one's fate

Are you listening now...can you hear my calls

In your mirror do you see
A sinking heart disgraced by hypocrisy;

A dream for peace,
Will you consider this,
No blood will shed,
No pain will exist...

Catarina Wyatt
Copyright: March 5, 2001

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KrazyKat, aren't you being a bit "harsh"?? I don't think romper-room is such a bad thing either, is it??? Kids are our tomorrow, our future, the most innocent of beings, and pure angels. And I for one am honored that Juicelyn0527 is willing to let her students give us their input here at TCS. Hats off to you Jocelyn!!! I am looking forward to all their posts and input. I love children.
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IMHO, I think it's great that these kids with the help of their teacher are supporting the Cat/Kitty Race. I don't think we should leave the kids behind. For they are our future too, they deserve our love and respect, so they can grow up to be well rounded adults and not in a Jail Cell doing time.
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It is my understanding that kids can't post here unless they have permission from their parents, that being by way of a singed something from them. I say this because of a message that Anne posted a while back about a child who was posting here.

Do I agree with the intent of the kids.. heck yeah I do, BUT

This is not our board... It's Annes, and as far as I know, the rules haven't changed.

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Ken, Anne and I have discussed this. She has no issues with it at this point (it is my understanding). She did approve the sticky and has stated that as long as I follow what I say I will do, she is in support. Thanks!
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PS..I do have internet permission slips for all of my children, and photo release forms. I live in the land of CYA...my boss is the queen. Trust me, its covered!
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While they may have permission slips to have interent access, I really don't think it would cover Annes backside IF a parent or two decided top get bent about it...

But if you've already worked this specific issue with Anne then that seems to be a moot point...

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Ken, they are not registering themselves..nor are they searching the site. They are simply typing a message into the post reply screen (which I have up prior to them coming to the computer!). I of course let them view it, but I keep a birds eye on them. They are only allowed to access 2 computers which are in plain sight in my room. I do appreciate your concern.
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I am really surprised to know that all those parents didn't have concern about thier kids pictures being on the internet. With all the media about children being stalked and possibly whisked away by internet "freaks". Just this week in Groton, A sailor on the subase was arrested for meeting and being in a hotel with 2 young girls. I guess he had talked to them and exchanged pics on the internet. The parents had no clue. It scares the life outta me.
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Ok, I have kept quiet about this issue, as I am largely aware that I am probably not the most popular member on this site currently.

However, I am a teacher. I also have graduate coursework in school law and am steps away from administrative certification. I am familiar with all the internet permission forms and releases signed by parents for photography and videotaping.

Speaking strictly on a professional level, I foresee some potential problems with introducing elementary school children to an internet site such as this one. The content is not controlled to an extensive degree. There are topics and language that parents may not approve of having their children exposed to. I understand that the kids are not accessing the remainder of the site at school, but now that they know of its existence, there is nothing to prevent them from visiting at home. I completely agree with parental monitoring from home, but the truth is, if a parent doesn't and then complains, the blame will be pointed to the teacher who granted access to the site to begin with. When, as a parent, I sign internet forms, I expect educational sites. When I sign photo and videotape releases, I expect those to be used at the school level. I don't expect to have my child's picture posted on the internet.

I strongly support the children getting involved with the animal abuse issue. The letter writing campaign is great. But I truly believe the bounds have been overstepped by allowing them knowledge of and access to this site without specific prior parental consent.

I think concern could have been avoided if the letters had been typed and posted by Juicelyn herself without giving the children direct access to the site.
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The picture posting...

While I don't think that some wack job is going to see the pix of the kids and whisk them away..(Possible yes.. likely... nowadays i'm not certain of anything..) I can see some real issues about that, mostly from a parent of one of those kids.

For instance..

I now know what those kids look like,

I also know they go to West C****** Elementary in P*****, GA.

Ya'll do the math..

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... Some of ya are probably thinking I'm an idiot... but...

Here in Ct there was a 4th grader taken right off the steps of a school... actually not taken by force either.. the girl willingly went with some unknown person, at least unknown to anyone but her..

Sandie just pointed out that this 22 year old sailor just got arrested for having sex with 2 under 16 girls he met on the net... they were sisters by the way..

So the possiblity is out there.... probably more real than we'd like to think.

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I don't get your point about the photos. I have my students pix on my own webpage. We are creating a class webpage. I did not allow my kids to post their last names..at any rate, this battle is more annoying than dealing with my administrator. It seems to me that people are worrying more about something that isnt their concern. You're wearing me down to be perfectly honest. My entire goal was to introduce my children to ways of expressing themselves about current events. Most of my kids dont even have a computer at home and to be perfectly honest, couldnt they find this page simply by searching? I guess I am not following the conventions of a "teacher"...I just do what it takes to make a difference. Will people be upset? Yes, isnt someone always upset? I am so sorry that I have caused problems for everyone. It seems that perhaps I need to create a page for my kids to deal with Max. Maybe that would be more to everyone's liking?
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I am simply concerned about you. Thinking out of the box sometimes comes with a price. I wouldn't want to see what you started as a sincere effort get twisted by a parent who doesn't like the outcome. If you haven't already seen it, teachers often become the scapegoats for parents who are less than ideal.
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In no way was I implying that these kids should not be involved in justice for Max. I think it is a wonderful, useful lesson for them at a very appropriate age for them to be doing it. I commend them for their dedication. I do not think I am being harsh. While most of the posts here are positive, humorous, and supportive, there has been discussion of some serious subjects, the latest of which being spousal abuse, which apparently many of us are very passionate about. There have been a few expletives which would not be appropriate for children. In other posts, there have been a few mildly risque' references. Nothing dirty or bad, just a little grown up for kids. Now we are being told that there are children here and we need to watch it. I like this site because it is intelligent and occasionally contoversial. I would not like to see it change. That is my opinion and I am not trying to offend anyone. I bet I am not the only one here who thinks this, I am just the only one to say it.
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I think that it would most certainly have been more appropriate.

Look, Im not trying to take a darn thing away from Max, and Cat, I am glad to see that he is getting recognition he deserved, your efforts are truly amazing!! Juicelyn, the idea was a good one, but you have to admit, in this day and age, you really can never be to carefull. As a parent, I would be more than a little miffed if I found out that this was going on...

I realize that you are very restrictive, and you watch them like a hawk, but you can't be everywhere, all the time. In fact had it not been for another member here, one of those kids email addresses would have been posted.

I really think it would have been beter to start a page elsewhere..

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I have to agree with Krazy Kat. Now that the children know the site, it's natural for them to be curious. As 4th graders, they will be naturaly drawn to the threads started by members who are actively responding to them. Let's be honest: some of those threads have content that isn't designed for children. It's adult fun, key on the word "adult". This is the biggest opening for potential problems, imo.

I am honestly not trying to rain on anyone's parade, so to speak, but as an educator, I am concerned about potential outcomes.
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I guess youre right-you can't be too careful. For that reason, we shouldnt take our kids out for recess- might get kidnapped. You see, this started as a wonderful thing and has been completely tarnished. It has really lost its magic. That is what is sad. I appreciate that so many of you are worried about me, I understand that. However, in my opinion, I have protected myself. I know a number of students who have discussed this with my parents. However, I teach in a public school and I feel as though I am covering myself.

Lastly- that email address was the parents address! Thanks again. I truly feel my spirit has been dampened...appreciate it.
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I really don't think it's an issue against the kids getting involved. I think it's more of an internet issue where we worry about the dangers for the kids. Being a parent, I worry about these things with my own child. It is very hard to monitor every little thing they do and we don't know who's watching and reading things out there. You said yourself that the last names are kept out, but in the letters on the site, there are a few kids that have first and last names.
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I must say that this all began with the so polite..ROMPER ROOM comment.
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Sorry but whilst posting the last I miss the last couple of posts..

Do I think that teachers sometimes have to think outside the box, yeah I do..

But if you seriously think for one minute that this is just a case of someone being upset cuz of the way you do things then you really should reevaluate your methods.

See, I would bet that if you went to everyone of the parents and asked them ahead of time, you probably wouldn't have received alot of O.K's.
And to be honest, should anything happen to anyone of those kids the liability on your end alone is staggering, not to mention the angry parents.

Just to check, I searched the Yahoo registry of elemtary schools and checked the first 15 websites, and wouldn't you know it, there isn't picture one of students... Hmmmm coincidence, I don't think so.

If it were up to me, I would have deleted the pixs altogether.

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The romper room post was also valid...

I should not have to be concerned that I might post something that would be inapropriate for a child to read. Heck, I won't even let my daughter read whats on here sometimes...

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Originally posted by juicelyn0527
I guess youre right-you can't be too careful. For that reason, we shouldnt take our kids out for recess- might get kidnapped. You see, this started as a wonderful thing and has been completely tarnished. It has really lost its magic. That is what is sad. I appreciate that so many of you are worried about me, I understand that. However, in my opinion, I have protected myself. I know a number of students who have discussed this with my parents. However, I teach in a public school and I feel as though I am covering myself.

Lastly- that email address was the parents address! Thanks again. I truly feel my spirit has been dampened...appreciate it.
Yeah, you know you're right, we can't protect kids from everything, so why bother trying.. And losing the magic of this thread is not what's sad, to me, it's the fact htat there are some very valid points made here, all of which you seem to dismiss as trivial, and while it may be that some of the parents know what's going on, they ALL should have known, before the fact, and whats more, you should have been the one to inform them, not their children.

Had my child been in your class, I would have removed her from m your class..

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