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Shelter in KY Closing-40 Cats & 6 Dogs Need Homes/Help

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Personally, i fell in love with the phoro of the black cat named andrew, but i've got no idea how far this place is, and have too many cats myself.
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She says she is losing her house? Is she running a shelter out of her house? There are no details there about the organization. Maybe she is new on the web, and I am just paranoid.

It is in Clay City, Kentucky-is that close to you?
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Clay City is in Eastern Kentucky, SE of Lexington.
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Anyone nearby who knows of the place?
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How sad! It looks as if she tried running her own shelter, since she called it the "Forever Home & Sanctuary". When I was in Kentucky last year, in the Fort Henry area, we found a puppy that had swam out of the river. There were no shelters in the area, and the police told me that they would have the dog PTS at the local vet's for a cost of $125.00 for the town. So, my hubby & I had to drive back to TN, get a hotel room for the night, and surrender the dog at a shelter in TN. I donated $25.00 for the dog, and bought $20.00 of cat supplies, which the shelter attendants were thrilled to receive. The standard of living in that area of KY seemed much more depressed than in TN, so I couldn't fault the locals for the sad conditions for animals there; near a campground, we found a pack of at least 10 stray dogs, horribly tick infested, including a beautiful Pomeranian, and 2 dachshunds, which here in CA or at the shelter in Reno, NV would have almost certainly adopted within 24 hrs. My hubby was willing to let me fly out one dog, but they ran off before I could catch one. If prayers & vibes work (and I think they do), this lady will get the miracles she needs and the animals will get great homes.
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I agree with the previous poster - some areas are economicaly deprived and the lives of cats ubfortunately tend not to be held with as much value as they should be. It's not that long ago that in the area I grew up that unwanted kittens were drowned or asphixiated and that was considered the "norm". We now have the SPCA and laws protecting animals - tho they do need to be stronger, imho (and I expect my region, in terms of its treatment of cats 20 yrs ago was not that different from any other rural part of North America)

That said, I am concerned with the costs she wants for the cats - $65 for a moggie. That might be perfectly fine in NYC but not in an area where ppl are having a hard time to manage financially. She also has a cat that she labels as Siamese but lists no points and I wonder about whether the kitty really is Siamese. The same goes for the Manx who may well be a moggie who was born sans tail.

And while I value a moggie as much as my Siamese, the fact is the market does not.
Also, why are there no "Happy Tails" in her Petfinder site from previous adoptions - what is the history of this shelter?

I guess I am sometimes a little too cyncical, sigh!!! I do hope all these kitties find real forever homes!!
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That's sad
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