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Mr. FitzHerbert

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Fitzy is my new baby and he makes the strangest noises I've ever heard. When he's about to get into trouble he makes an "uh oh" noise (sounds a lot like when Gizmo would say it in Gremlins) and sometimes he sounds like he's trying to talk to me in English (that sounds like he's saying mama). Has anyone ever heard of this?

Hello from me and my little black cat
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Snowball sits in the bathtub and wants us to turn the faucet on so he can get a drink. The noise he makes is "wah wah" it sounds like he is trying to say water. This is the ONLY time he makes this sound. At one time, he had us well trained to always turn the faucet on for him, but now he has his own pet fountain filled with fresh water instead.
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Some cats can be very vocal and articulate Our Gezer often makes whole speeches. It's really funny to hear, and yes I can understand what he says (it's usually either "my food bowl is empty" or "let me into the bedroom!" )
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I've never heard of cats talking...thats pretty cool! I wonder if they are like babies who are learning to talk?
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