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Kitty Pics

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Pics of my crew

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Sorry they are so big!
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The piccies of your "crew" are adorable!
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What sweetie pies!
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256
Sorry they are so big!
They're fine! You have a very cute crew!
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they are all adorable!!

the black and gray striped cat's facial features look almost exactly like my brothers cat
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I love the brown tabby. He looks like a cat that recently won the domestic section of our national show. His name is Sausage!
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LOL that is Sammy. He is the oldest of the bunch. It's rare for me to get a pic of him anymore. He likes to stay outside alot
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That is so adorable....My pregnant is also pregnant and should be here soon(hopefully).I have a pure white cat that looks exactly like yours and the kittens...aww...I don't have a word for
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Oh my gosh, how many kittens did that poor mommy have?!?! Looks like a lot! I bet she needs a break!
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That's Dixie. She's the sweetest. She is an albino polydactyl and ALL of the babies are poly's too.. 5 boys and 1 girl!
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oh wow - all your babies are lovely! How old are the little ones?

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Prissy, she had 6... 5 boys and 1 girl. They are 4 weeks old this saturday!
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They are 4 weeks on sat! All of them are poly's too! I am adopting them out and have 3 left if any one is interested!
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