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Todays radio question: 08/04/05

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Do you excersize daily?
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Almost everyday! I exercising.
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If you count hauling cargo around all day then yes!, as far as organized exercising...not everyday. I try and go to curves 3 X a week.
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Just only Monday to Friday! hard.........
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yep mostly my walking but also do my nordic track and have yoga class once a week.
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I am still in high school.. so, we're required to take P.E. everyday because of the state of Illinois regulations.

But.. during the Summer.. definately not!
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yes i guess i do at work im on my feet all day and i make lots of trips up the stairs
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No. I do get in moods where i do start and then i quit after a week lol.
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Sadly I don't exercise. I know I should and I keep telling myself that I should, but I just can't seem to get my butt up and do it!
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If using your fingers to type incessantly on TCS, then yes!
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Does lifting the computer from the table and placing it on my lap every evening count?
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Sure - I lift myself out of bed.
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I run a couple miles(okay, sometimes only one )on a treadmill monday thru friday... and take the weekends off!
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Not yet, but I want to start, provided doing aerobics isn't too noisy to the downstairs neighbor!
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-everyday? No way! I need some recovery time.
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Probably 6/7 times every week. No need to everyday.
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Every morning with my toast in one hand and my coffee in the other!!

Havent been to the gym in ages, but i can walk around town on a weekend for 3 hours, sometimes longer when i'm doing some retail therapy, plus i walk for my train to work, although thats only 10 minutes
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I excercise three times a day, everyday! But that's physiotherapy, so to others it's not much, but to me.... *phew*
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